29 July 2011



We found this in Mairé, a small village near Lésigny.  Any idea what it is?


  1. Some kind of lighting or sound system.
    But who really knows from just a picture.

  2. It's a chandelier, from the bottom up :-) What a great picture!

  3. I agree. Speakers and fluorescent lights suspended from a church ceiling.

  4. Oh God don't you start. I'm struggling Martine's party tricks :)
    I think it's a loud speaker system too.

  5. A sound system ... Or maybe a heating system; those 'speakers' could very well be electric burners. No?!

  6. I think Elisabeth is right -- a chandelier with florescent lights all around the edge.

  7. Oh, Martine may have it. I've seen those with heating elements in them.

  8. I think they look like gas heating elements... They are used extensively for heating high, infrequently used buildings.. very ornate though.

  9. It looks like lighting of some sort but it is beautiful whatever it is! Have a good weekend. Diane x

  10. Jean, they are gas heaters... Pauline and I went to a concert in Betz le Chateau... they had these there too! And they were being used when we went in and at the interval... they are very scary... pops and bangs as they start up and then a terrible roaring as the radiant element heats up... possibly installed to put the fear of Hades into the recalcitrant parishoners!?

  11. Rob - I think you're half right.

    Elisabeth - it is, but not as we know it !!

    Gaynor - see above !!

    Walt - I'm not sure about that.

    Craig - we girls do know how to have fun !!

    Martine - you could be right.

    The Broad - lights, definitely, but what about the other bits ??!!

    Walt - I think you could be right.

    C&E - you're pretty warm I think!

    Diane - I agree, very attractive.

    Tim - I knew someone would know the answer, as I didn't myself !! The "thing" is suspended from the high ceiling inside the church and we thought they looked like heaters as well as having the fluorescent lights. It never occurred to me they would be gas. I wonder what the UK Health and Safety lot would make of that !!