25 July 2011


We’re back home again after another holiday in Le Grand-Pressigny.


A door handle in Chinon

We crammed a lot into our two weeks as usual and the carte grise story did have a happy ending – in the end!  More about that soon.

Mind you, where did summer go?  We definitely had English summer weather for our second week – wet and chilly.  We were not impressed with that!


The weather did perk up by our last weekend and on the day we left we had breakfast on our little terrace in lovely sunshine !!  C’est la vie !!

There will be lots of stories and photos soon………..


  1. Glad you got back safely!

  2. Now tell me - where is your real home???
    Spiritual or actually.

  3. Tim - thanks, we did, but it was mayhem as usual on the English motorways - we had more near misses in three hours than in the whole two weeks in France.

    Leon - good question. Both places feel equally like home, which is a strange feeling actually.

  4. Nice to have you back. Looking forward to your stories and photos. I've already seen Lulu on Walt's blog ... she looked very happy playing with Callie! Martine

    P.S. Sorry the UK rendezvous didn't work out!

  5. Glad to hear of your safe return. We heard from friends there of the end of the hot dry weather, at least for now. How inconvenient that it coincided with your holiday!

  6. That was a chilly week, wasn't it! But we did get some much needed rain, and as you said, the weekend brightened up a bit. Glad you had a safe trip. It was good to see you again!

  7. Good to see you--if only briefly--on Saturday at S & S's. :-) Glad you had a safe trip home.

  8. Martine - I am catching up on your adventures - you had a busy time, too !!

    Craig - whatever it's doing in France, the weather is usually worse in Derbyshire !!

    Walt - the rain made a huge difference to how the place looked, so that was good. And it was lucky that we met up on what was the last proper sunny day of our holiday.

    Antoinette - we're ships that pass in the night - well at other people's birthday parties anyway !!

  9. Blame Nigel for the second week, see my blog, his hat brought the rain but we did need it LOL. Trouble is he left today and it is still raining I will have to shut the hat away. Diane

  10. Diane - the rain made a spectacular difference to the fields and gardens - how far does the hat's influence reach??