26 July 2011


It's a shame to lose a singer with as much talent as Amy Winehouse. Her influence on many an aspiring young star was obvious not too many years ago - Amy look-alikes and sound-alikes were everywhere.

There was a time when I got thoroughly sick of the way the press treated her - always publishing the least flattering photos of Amy after a rough night or a fight with her boyfriend and often making her the subject of unkind jokes. What ever troubled her, I bet this didn't help.

It's a shame she didn't live long enough to consolidate her place in music history.


  1. Back to Black was wonderful. She was a talent alright but I get so annoyed when I see someone allow personal demons to destroy themselves - especially so when they are so blessed with raw talent.
    Her place in music history is assured now that she has died young, don't you think?

  2. I think so too, Craig. Joplin and Hendrix immediately spring to mind from my era. Winehouse reminds me so much of Billie Holiday and the songs that came from her doomed relationship with one particular man. I guess Amy wouldn't be the singer she was without the pain she endured and relief she sought.