4 August 2011


A month or so ago I went to lunch with a friend in a French style restaurant near to home in Derbyshire.  We both chose the same thing from the menu – a nice slice of summer vegetable tart which had in it green beans, peas and broccoli.  It also had some caramelised onion on the bottom, which gave a lovely slightly sweet taste and made a nice change from the usual very savoury flavour of fried onions.

So I decided to have a go at something similar myself.  I made a large quiche at home in the UK and it was so nice that I then made some mini tartlets to serve as a starter for lunch one day when we were chez nous in Le Grand-Pressigny.

summer quiche 9a

I used some haricots verts, broccoli, peas and a few broad beans from our Derbyshire garden.  Although the tart in the restaurant probably didn’t have any cheese in it, I decided to add a couple of spoons of the nice ready-grated parmesan cheese that comes in re-sealable bags that they sell in the Spa shop in the village.

My friend Nicole suggested using a muffin tin rather than the mini loose-bottomed tart tins that you can get specially for the purpose.  She also suggested using puff pastry instead of shortcrust as she found it turns out more easily and holds its shape better.

summer quiche 9 

I used an old Bon Maman jar, purchased that week from a vide grenier, as a template for cutting out circles of pastry the right size for the muffin pan.

summer quiche 11jpg  summer quiche 12jpg

They looked wonderful, in a rustic kind of way, and tasted good too.  They made a lovely starter, with a few salad leaves and a cherry tomato on the plate.

If you would like to see the recipe, you can find it here.


  1. Thanks for the recipe Jean. These look stunning and I can see how they will make a perfect starter.

  2. Good idea as a change from a large quiche, so will save the recipe for when I have visitors.

  3. That looks really yummy. Having company for lunch on Sunday, I'll make those little quiches as an appetizer to serve with the aperitif. Thanks for the idea and the recipe. Martine

  4. Craig - they did look good and the recipe is infinitely adaptable. I thought I might try a bit of smoked salmon and goats cheese next time.

    Vera - it was no more trouble than a large quiche, dead easy.

    Martine - the muffin tin and puff pastry idea is what made them so good and the credit for that must go to my friend Nicole!

  5. They were excellent, I can report.

  6. Yes, they were right nice. I want to make them now.