29 September 2011


kitchen help

Amélie and Isabella came round to help make cupcakes.

They also made toad in the hole and coconut macaroons.


  1. Lucky you, the only help I ever get in the kitchen is Nigel. I am working on that though as I plan to be helping him :-)) Diane

  2. Is this your French kitchen, Jean? It's very well equipped. Your kitchen helpers look charming and very happy to be there.

  3. Diane - if Nigel is as good at baking as my little helpers you will be very happy!

    Carolyn - it is my French kitchen ~ we started out with the minimum of equipment but as we both enjoy cooking and have the time to do it when we're on holiday we have built it up a lot.
    My two helpers love baking ~ I think it's something to do with all the little sweet things used to decorate the cupcakes ~ but they made a fine job of the toad in the hole as well!

  4. What ever did they make of toad in the hole?


  5. all looks great fun and they look so happy to help.

  6. What delightful helpers you have, Jean.
    Where did you ever find them? Neighbour children?

  7. SP - they were slightly puzzled but as it contains sausages, very happy !!

    Phil - we had a great time. I was exhausted afterwards !!

    Rob-bear - I borrowed them from Nicole and Alex, our friends who have the gites in the village. They are lovely kids. If I had ever had any children or grandchildren myself I would have wanted some like these !! Mind you, borrowing some occasionally is probably easier.