9 September 2011


Just a quickie from me for now. 

This week has been a bit of a scramble to get Nick washed, ironed and on the aeroplane to Brazil for a couple of weeks.  It’s just for work, unfortunately.


Guessing what this is might be relatively easy, but there will be extra brownie points if anyone knows where it is.

Mind you, if you trogged past it too quickly, you would miss it.


  1. Poor Nick! Off to Brazil. Such an unfortunate situation. Even for Work.
    The picture is of the well in the courtyard of your 14th century castle.

  2. Would this be something quite close to home, Jean - French home, that is?

    Do you think if I ask nicely I can be sent to Brazil for my work?

  3. Is it the sun trying to break through another day of grey Scottish sky? :)
    I was going to say a well to but that would mean that you were down it!
    A barrel of a cannon perhaps?

  4. Is it a chimney?
    I agree with Craig's comment about a well
    waiting with excitement to find out

  5. A chimney/light/air hole in a troglodyte dwelling?

  6. I'm with ladybird -from the bottom of a shaft in a troggie house.

  7. I will also go with lady birds theory, sounds/looks about right to me. Diane

  8. Rob-bear - not quite, but you're along the right lines.

    Gaynor - not as close as all that!

    Nick is not at all keen on these foreign trips, largely because of hours on end spent in airports, 24-hour journeys, 12-hour working days because having paid a fortune to get him there his employers are keen to get their money's worth, boring meals taken by himself in dull restaurants because that's all the expenses budget will run to, working in places where there are two armed policeman on every street corner and the advice is not to get into a local taxi under any circumstances for fear of kidnap or worse, he has to remember to keep his mouth closed when taking a shower and not drink or eat anything that might have been touched by the local water, it takes up three precious weekends every time he goes away, he arrives back exhausted but has to be in the office as usual on Monday morning and he absolutely hates flying but a job is a job. Such is his experience of going abroad for work, otherwise, it's money for old rope !!

    Gaynor again - thanks !!

    Craig - actually, you're right, improbable as it seems.

    Angela - thanks for visiting and leaving a comment - watch this space !!

    Martine - you're spot on, but any idea where?

    Sharon - welcome - and you're right too.

    Diane - very wise. I wonder if I made the clue too helpful this time (feeling guilty about deliberately leading people off the track last time)?

  9. Let me guess; you're castle is 15th century.

  10. No idea, but I feel like i am stuck in a well :)

  11. Rob-bear - we're not exactly sure, but don't think it's quite that old. Possibly 18th century or slightly older. "1789" is inscribed over the door, for some reason - the agent said that was the date of the first renovation and someone else told us that, too. Finding out more is a project we have in mind for the future, on some quiet and rainy days in February, perhaps.

    Shaheen - welcome - I felt like that when I took the photo.

  12. On the sidebar, I thought it was the supernova that we are supposed to be able to see near the Plough. I was deeply envious since we have so much cloud you can barely see sky, let alone stars.
    Relieved to find it was something more terrestrial ;-)

  13. Mad - nice to hear from you again.