21 September 2011


Taking a break

The blog will be on hold for a while.  I will still be keeping an eye on my favourite blogs in the meantime and there will be occasional photos to keep you going until normal service is resumed…..

Toodle pip!


  1. Sorry you'll be missing for a while. If Bear is still alive (not reason to think he won't), he will be here when you and Lulu get back.
    BTW, will Lulu be blogging in your absence? My poodle did that for me some time back.

  2. Hope all is well Jean. You will be missed and I look forward to normal service being resumed as soon as you are ready.

    I have to limit myself to a short time each day, as what for me started as a way to relieve the stresses of the day job, became in itself an added stress.

    Take care and I'll be watching out for your photographs.

  3. Hi Jean, sure the break will do you good, it sometimes gets a bit much when there is so much else to do. We will all be here when you feel like blogging again. When I started out I was doing one post per day, then I went to every other day, now I feel a bit more settled at one a week. Nevertheless at times it gets me down!! I have no idea how the people who blog daily keep it up, even to the extent of going on holiday and doing daily posts in advance!!!! Take care. Will be in touch Diane

  4. Seems like there is a general blogging malaise creeping in ... first Boris, now you and soon ... who knows? I admit that I find it difficult to post as often as I did in the beginning of my blogging career. But I'm determined to keep it up; even if it is costing me blood, sweat and tears :) Martine

  5. Don't blame you for taking a break. Like Diane, my blogs have been slowing down of late, and so have my favourite blogging friends posts as well! Rest up now, and look forward to reading your blog when you feel like starting up again.

  6. Come back! I've only just found you. SP

    PS Return well rested.

  7. SP - thanks for joining. Don't worry, I'll be back properly before long. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the occasional photos.