11 September 2011


Nick has phoned to say he has arrived safely at his hotel in Brazil, a mere 26 hours after the taxi picked him up from home to take him to Heathrow.  Luckily his suitcase also arrived at the same time.  On his way to the hotel he passed scores of the gated and guarded compounds where many of the better off have to live to in order to be safe.


Richard Coeur de Lion’s des res in St-Rémy

The picture in the puzzle is of a well shaft in one of the troglodyte dwellings at Ethni’Cité at St-Rémy near Descartes.  The well was used to provide water but also as an escape route for the occupants to flee from attackers in the valley below.  (Although not both at the same time, I guess!)  If you look back at the picture you can see the footholes on the side of the shaft. 

Thinking about Nick’s current location, one could speculate how much things have really changed over the many centuries since the caves were occupied by their most famous inhabitant, Richard Coeur de Lion.  In many parts of the world, very little, it seems.


  1. «Plus ça change, plus c'est la mêne choise.» A good French saying for you.

    On 9/11, I can't help but think key people in our world haven't a clue about the lesson of the attack on the Twin Towers. And if they have a clue, they're not going to act on it.

    So very sad!

  2. I didn't know about this troglodyte site near Descartes. I thought your photo was taken in 'Les Goupillières' or event Turquant. Troglodyte dwellings are really one of the Loire Valley's best and amazing features ... except for the wine, perhaps :) Martine

  3. I knew you'd been to Ethni'cité recently! Doh!

  4. We were all sort of heading in the right direction but did not manage to get it quite right. Glad Nick has arrived safely, now you have Lulu to look after you. Will be in touch soon. Diane

  5. I was wrong too! Thought it was much choser to your French home than that.

  6. warm in winter cool in summer
    he had the right idea

  7. Rob-bear - c'est vrai !!

    Martine - I'd go with the wine, too !!

    Susan - I wondered if we had mentioned it to you.

    Diane - well tried, you were nearly there.

    Gaynor - if you haven't visited the caves yet, it's well worthwhile.

    John - apparently so, but rather damp and unpleasant, too.