24 October 2011


johnny depp

We were out and about the other week and spotted this rather desirable house on the road between Descartes and Neuilly-le-Brignon.

It was obviously beautifully restored with what looks like an indoor swimming pool on the side.

Back at the PreHisto, we asked Mariel about it and she told us it changed hands last year and the new owner is rumoured to be Johnny Depp. 

That’s what we thought.  You would have to be mega rich or famous to live somewhere like that.  Must buy a lottery ticket this week.


The holidays are over, the washing is all done, the ironing is down to just one basket and as life returns to normal, blog posts will slowly resume their normal pattern, if I can remember what normal is !!  Thanks to all who have been patiently following and waiting for something to happen !!


  1. I quite like Johnny Depp but I'd prefer Bruce Springsteen .....

    Lovely house though!

  2. Gaynor - I had a sneaky look at the postbox perched on a pole at the end of the drive, hoping for clues, but it just said "pas de pub". So who knows who really lives there !!

  3. Mmmmmm, Johnny Depp!


  4. I thought that you were going to say it was your new house :) I was already to plan a visit LOL. Diane

  5. SP - mmmmm indeed !!

    Diane - I wish !!
    Actually, it would take such a lot of dusting that I think I'll stay where I am !!

  6. If I lived near a celebrity, I'd be on constant lookout for a sighting. When they filmed a movie in my home town (I'd moved away by then), everybody in town became a celebrity-spotter (and some lucky people became name-droppers).

  7. Amazing! We have Johnny Depp on one side and Mick Jagger on the other.

    Or, they have us. Shall we await our invitations?

  8. Yes. I think you should pick that one up right away.
    I'm sure Lulu would approve of having her own bedroom.