17 October 2011


breakfast on the terrace

Breakfast on the terrace the day we made the journey back to the UK at the end of our August holiday.

It didn’t help us feel any better about going home.


  1. aaaaah. a bitter sweet moment I guess.

  2. I find it strange that we always have breakfast and other meals outside in France, but when we get back we invariably eat indoors.

  3. Hope you had a safe journey back.... weather was almost as good this visit, wasn't it!

  4. Phil - absolutely!

    Ken - I know you will be upset but we have been back again even since this photo!
    It was taken on 4th September but I could have taken an identical one on 17th October! When we left it was sunny, completely calm and a very pleasant 20°C, so we had both breakfast and lunch on the terrace before we came away.
    Today in Derbyshire there is a bitterly cold strong wind and heavy showers (was that hail a moment ago?) so anyone would be mad to try and eat outdoors!

    Tim - The weather came up trumps again !!
    It was one of the easiest journeys back but the weather at home was a bit of a shock - see above !!
    PS thanks again for your food parcel .... I will be blogging about a chocolate courgette cake I made from it very soon !!

  5. Well, as Yogi said, "It ain't over til it's over."
    But I guess, for you, it really is over. "It" as in summer holiday.
    Condolences on your return from flights of French fancy to the stiff drill of the UK.
    Too bad that you could not hibernate, like Bear, until it's time to go to France again. I highly recommend that course of action.