28 November 2011


When we were chez nous in October, we were expecting visitors mid-morning for coffee and I decided to bake a little something to go with it.

Usually I would nip down to the boulangerie and get a little selection of treats from there but I had an urge to make something myself.  So I made a small batch of madeleines.


They are very easy to make and take no time at all.  I use a madeleine tin from Lakeland that I got as the freebie in a “3 for 2” offer last Christmas.  The recipe is a Waitrose recipe that makes just the right amount of mixture for one tin.

  madeleines1 madeleines2

I also used my icing sugar sifter that I bought in France and is absolutely brilliant – gone are the days of icing sugar fog in the kitchen as you sift it over a cake – this pack of icing sugar with its own sifter puts just the right amount on the cake instead of all over the place.  I bought it in Auchan I think, or maybe Intermarché.


They were absolutely scrummy and you can see the recipe here.


  1. You are so energetic, the last time a baked was a year ago for Christmas!! This year I don't even think that will happen. Still no plans made, waiting to see how I get on with the specialist tomorrow Diane.

  2. I got a tube of icing sugar with inbuilt sifter recently too. It looked like such a good idea, but I haven't used it yet. It must have come from Intermarché. Your madeleines look scrummy - bought ones just don't cut it.

  3. These look so perfect - the shape and the golden colour!
    You are lucky to have French ingredients like icing sugar to use. I am jealous :)

  4. Madeleines are my favorite "postre" (after chocolate) and these look so, so good! I have never had a home-made Madeleine. Fresh from the bakery maybe, but never like this. I am ready for the holiday baking to begin.

  5. They sure do look tasty!

    And Mitch should have said that he's ready for Jerry to do the holiday baking... or maybe that goes without saying... :)

  6. Do wish you lived next door!


  7. And very yummy with the coffee they were too! :-) Niall

  8. They look wonderful, Jean. I bought lots of new bakeware to go with my new kitchen and cooker a year ago, but never thought of madeleine tins. One for the Santa list, I think :-) Thanks for the recipe link.

  9. Your madeleines look absolutely perfect, Jean. And......you've given me an indisputable reason to go to Lakeland plastics when we're over in the UK! Brilliant!! (How much did we agree on?!)

  10. Delicious as usual Jean!
    All I need is that madeleine tin!! :o))

  11. Agreed - truly scrummy! I'm going to look for one of those icing sugar sifters next time we go to Intermarche. We got our madeleine tin at a vide grenier. As yet unused - I'm overwhelmed by all the different recipes. I'll try this one though!

  12. How brave you are making Madeleines for the French. They look delicious, I'm going to have to find one of those sifter things. GG

  13. I'm with SP and wish you lived next door! They look so delicious!

  14. As one of my Staff said above.... she'll look for one of those sifters in Intermarche... they are going to Descartes this afternoon to pay the taxes.
    Can you make some tuna-flavoured ones, I'm not into sweet, human foods?

    WV is "cychlosm"... just like the weather today! Even my brother is curled up on the sofa.

  15. Diane - most of my baking is so easy that not much energy is required !!

    Susan - home-made is always better than shop-bought, even if it looks less neat and tidy.

    LRDB - the design of the tin means they always look nice, unless you burn them !!

    Mitch - the most difficult part is beating the egg.

    Walt - they were !!

    SP - I gave some to my neighbour, Mme Andre, she loved them.

    Niall - thanks.

    Perpetua - the tin was an afterthought and you can't really use it for anything else !!

    Elizabeth - a trip to Lakeland is always worth it !!

    Gaynor - they have a website...you can order...!!

    Pauline - I like this recipe because it's easy and only makes one tinful.

    GG - thanks for visiting - I hope you find one - I have never seen them in the UK but I might not be looking in the right places.

    Broad - they were !!

    Ron Ron - thanks for visiting - it looks like there might be a run on icing sugar mills in the South Touraine so I hope your maid was lucky !!

  16. No... the maid weren't! They got a pot of icing sugar with a shaker [like a pepper/spice jar].... when that icing sugar is used up, the pot'll probably end up as a litter-freshener shaker for us!!!
    Intermarché nill.... Auchan?

    WV is "chedies".... an inferior sort of cheese nibble?