21 November 2011


It is now just over a month since we returned from our last holiday in Le Grand-Pressigny.


In a few weeks’ time we will be heading back to France again.  It can’t come too soon.

The weather here in Derbyshire has turned into November all of a sudden.  Yesterday it was cold, misty and miserable all day.  Until now it has been unusually mild, and dry.

We did a few last tidying-up jobs in the garden – our green bin recycling service is being cut between now and March – part of the local council’s economy measures.  The last collection is this week so we crammed as much into it as possible.  The rest will have to sit in the emptied bin until March.  It rankles that we pay huge council tax for a service that they have decided to cut.  The bigger your house, the bigger your garden, the more you pay in council tax and the more you need your green bin.

The next few weeks will fly by as we drag ourselves to work in the ever-darkening mornings.  I can no longer ignore the fact that we are hurtling towards Christmas once again and with all of that we will soon be on our way back to France. 

Last year it was touch and go whether or not we made the trip.  Tons of snow fell overnight on the 25th November and we were snowed in for a week.  More snow fell throughout December and travelling was difficult to say the least.  I am sincerely hoping that last year was one of those winters that we only get about every ten years.

I think I must be suffering from half time blues !!


  1. Jean, what are you doing to me? I had resigned myself to life in the UK for another six months, but now you have made me really envious:)

  2. I'm with Ken here. We go to our cottage in Normandy for 3 months every summer and that's it. I'm used to it, but suddenly I feel homesick for it. Sniff.... Don't worry, Jean, the next 5 weeks will simply race by.

  3. What a beautiful photo. I'm sure you're right that the next few weeks will race by. Sorry for the half-time blues, but how lucky you are to have such a wonderful place to escape to.

  4. Keep crossing those days off the calendar! [I won't upset you by giving you a weather update]

    Looking forward to seeing you in December. :-)

    WV is 'peacky'
    appropriate non?

  5. Hope the roads stay clear for you. We have still not made plans for Christmas. I was hoping N's Dad would come over here, but with my cough I am hogging the spare room! I will need to feel a whole lot better if we go there.
    I am stunned re the green bins. I would have thought that there was a mass of clearing up to do now and with what they rip us off with council tax.
    My computer is playing up so if I miss a few posts..... I am on my very old laptop at the moment and it feels very strange!
    Take care Diane xx

  6. Well, travel safely. I hope you don't get snowed upon.

  7. How lovely for you that your house is close enough to England to be able to go there more than once a year -- Although from the photograph, your place in Derbyshire looks pretty idyllic -- it is gloomy in England this time of year, though!! Fingers crossed for some idyllic weather for your travels -- last year was not one one would wish to repeat.