4 December 2011



As you can see, there are actually two of them.

But what are they for ??  Why would you need two pretty little “windows” like these on a building like this ??

Any further suggestions are welcome !!

Bonne dimanche !!


  1. Jean,

    Tim is now awake and he is almost 100% certain he knows where this is, but is less certain about the function!

    He wonders whether it could be for putting in wooden poles to be prt of a lifting frame to get things into the upstairs hatch?

    My guess is for flaming torches ...

  2. My only thought when I saw the first pic was that the hole is for passing a rope through, but since there is no wear and tear to speak of, I felt my theory didn't fit. Is the little building a well house? If so, maybe they are for ropes after all, or maybe hoses. I don't really think so though. Tim's idea that you put horizontal poles in there seems reasonable, but I cannot think what the purpose would be. And you say this should be easy and you've encountered this sort of thing many times...hmm...I look forward to being enlightened.

  3. Ahh...just had a brainwave. Gaynor is pretty close I think. They are for taking light sconces of some sort I bet.

  4. Gaynor - if I remember correctly it's along the road that goes to the back of the church.

    Susan - They caught my eye because they were so elaborate for such a functional building, whatever the function might be - I have no idea.
    But mainly I photographed them because of the bits of paper or wood stuffed in the hole, something we have seen done many times all over France. Usually it's either paper or rags stuffed into little windows, presumably to keep small animals or birds out..... but rather pointless here in view of the other ways for them to get into this building.

    As you say, a likely use would be to mount some kind of light. Who knows .... somebody does !!

  5. Have just thought - would there be black smoke streaks on the walls if they were for torches ?

  6. Hooks to hold the gates open but they seem a bit high for that :) Diane

  7. Nigel says for firing a gun through! Together we came up with the idea, the paper is stuffed in the holes to stop electric cables getting wet as they were originally electric lights. Not knowing how old the building is makes it more difficult. Diane

  8. Its peep holes, the woman of the house put her hubby in there to sober up, she could pass a Baguette through the hole just to keep him from starving.

  9. I asked Stéphane what they were and he couldn't work it out either, so I think we are doomed never to know. His best guess is that they are ventilation holes and the door is not original. He said if they were for anything at all that was inserted and removed on a regular basis there would be wear marks, so maybe there were once rods that passed through them, but he can't figure out what for. He also said that because the decoration is round he is inclined to think it is just that - decoration. Any carving associated with, for example, lights, would traditionally have been square. He is curious to know if the decorative carving is the same on the inside wall, as this would indicate some sort of function. Carving just on the exterior - probably just decorative.

  10. Susan - thanks for asking Stéphane - it looks like it might have to remain a mystery !!
    I might go back and have another look when we are next chez nous, to see if I can work out what the building is/was used for.