22 December 2011


APR 2011 - m The château with its new walkways looking beautiful last Easter.

I remember being so thrilled to be back in Le Grand-Pressigny in April, after an absence of sixteen weeks.  They were very long weeks. ~ it was a very bad winter last year.

APR 2011 - o

I just can’t wait to see those Loire Valley blue skies and fluffy clouds again.

I am happy that the shortest day is now behind us ~ although I usually notice very little improvement in the length of the days until well into January.  I always feel we have turned the corner once I am driving home from work in daylight, some time in the middle of February.

APR 2011 - p

One of our favourite views in the village ~ always pretty at any time of year but especially nice in spring.

With the worst of the winter weather yet to come, I find great pleasure in reminding myself of what it was like in our little corner of France last spring.

APR 2011 - q

The village square looks so inviting in the spring sunshine.

Curiously, today it is unbelievably mild ~ 13°C according to my car dashboard.  It certainly felt like it ~ 12° warmer than it was only three days ago !!  Long may the mild spell continue ~ any day without snow is very welcome at this time of year.

APR 2011 - b

Lulu foraging amongst the spring flowers in our little garden.

All I can say is “so far, so good”.  We haven’t been snowed in yet this winter.  Christmas looks like being a mild one rather than a white one.  That’s fine by me.  It’s after Christmas that winter really starts to bite, I think.


  1. We're not suffering much here in Sevilla, although these are not days for a drive to the beach. But, these photos warm my heart. Wonderful to see this time of year. Thanks.

  2. lovely
    merry christmas to you and yours
    have a lovely time

  3. Great minds think alike, Jean! The passing of the shortest day is a real turning-point for me and the mild weather certainly helps too.

    Lovely photos - no wonder you can't wait to get back there. In the meantime have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Lovely photos. Like Lulu's tail :) This weather worries me, is it the lull before the storm!!! Diane

  5. I remember Sue and I sitting in those chairs outside the newsagency (thats what we call them in Oz) and watching a small market take place in the square.
    Is that a Pelforth sign, Sue's fave beer when in France.

  6. Still quite mild here in SW France, no frosts so far, but plenty of much needed rain. Temperatures are supposed to drop next week, so looks like we are in for a spell of cold weather. Your village looks lovely, and spring will soon be here so you can visit again. Wishing you a lovely Christmas, and a wonderful New Year.

  7. Mmmm, blue sky...I'd forgotten what it looked like.