5 December 2011



Winter has arrived in Derbyshire.  It was only 1°C at 11pm last night and we had a slight snowfall overnight.  Nothing much, just a sprinkling.


Lulu met up with her friend Jack in the field and had a good run around.  You can see Jack’s owner all muffled up in scarf, hat and gloves.  Me too.

snow5 3rd December 2011

However, we are much happier than we were this time last year.

snow23rd December 2010

This has been a normal autumn so far.  A bit milder and drier than usual perhaps, but we normally get a slight fall of snow at this time of year, then it disappears and we get some more in January and February.

This time last year we were under three feet of snow already and clearing the drive was a mammoth task – we had huge piles of snow everywhere, as did everyone else.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we continue as we are.  The forecast is for light snow on and off this week, which is normal.


  1. Jean,
    Love the comparison - we never get snow on "Melbourne - Our Home on the Bay". Only sunshine or rain.
    Not sure if I would like snow but sounds nice maybe to visit.
    Do you enjoy the snow?

  2. Leon - snow is lovely stuff to look at and play in. But it causes havoc.

    Driving is impossible or dangerous, journeys take many times longer than normal and are very stressful. Last year we were unable to get anywhere except on foot for a week. We couldn't get to see my dad, who lives a 7-minute drive away. Luckily he was fine and living on the contents of his freezer, as indeed we were too.

    So in answer to your question I would have to say "no", I don't like the snow at all, in fact I dread it.

    You might like it though, so long as your plane could land and you could get out of the airport and didn't then spend 12 hours stuck in your car on the motorway with no food.....which is what happened to some visitors to the UK last winter.

  3. I rang my old Uncle in Scotland today, he's got about 6 inches of snow, but dismssed it with "just a scattering"!

    Loved the comparison photographs.


  4. No snow yet here in Mid-Wales. This time last year we were stuck up in the far north of Scotland because the road south kept getting blocked by big snowdrifts.

    I love snow to look at - the way it transforms the landscape and the wonderful light when the sun shines on it. But that's only when I don't have to go anywhere. :-)

  5. Glad you don't have the snow again this year. As I am for us, for we, too, had it last year at this time. Yay for mild falls!

  6. Yes I was in the UK for December last year and I don't remember seeing so much snow for a very long time.
    Keep warm and take care driving. Diane x

  7. Jack looks like he's full of
    energy....bounces right out
    of the photo.

  8. SP - you have to think like that to survive life in Scotland !!

    Perpetua - I feel exactly the same.

    Walt - one of the great things about the Loire is the fact that there is rarely serious snow.

    Diane - it was an unusual year. I hope.

    Sheila - When Lulu was a small puppy Jack was completely besotted with her. His owners said he was definitely in love and used to drag them out of the house with his lead at full stretch to stand at our gate hoping for just a glimpse of her.

    Now that she's a big, bossy overgrown poodle, he's not so keen !!

  9. I love the snow -- when it's fresh fallen and as it says in the carol: 'Deep and crisp and even ...'! But there are a lot of downs to snow and England learned all of them last winter, I think. I am always amazed at how unprepared people are in dealing with it -- especially in this area. Last year I enjoyed snow for a change -- but then I wasn't travelling and could walk to all the shops, whereas for many thousands it was travelling hell! Love the before and after pictures!