17 January 2012


I had a comment in my comment box the other day from Perpetua of Perpetually in Transit, telling me she had awarded me the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD and inviting me to collect it from her, post the logo on my sidebar and then pass it on.


I had seen various award logos on other blog sidebars and always wondered how people got them.  I had always assumed there was some kind of blog police committee out there, looking around for who writes what, having important meetings in dark, smoke-filled rooms and voting for the best blogs in their opinion, a bit like the Oscars.

But no, you get an award from someone who likes your blog enough to encourage other people to read it by passing the award to you after they have received it themselves.  So thank you, Perpetua, for your kind words about my blog and for adding me to your list of recommended blogs.

I am truly chuffed.

Really, I am truly, truly chuffed.  Why would anyone write a blog at all unless they wanted other people to read it and although some may sniff at the concept of blog awards, I personally have no shame in admitting that sometimes it’s really nice to feel appreciated.

Now I have a problem.  I have to do the right thing and pass the award on to five other blogs, the only rule being that the blog should have less than 200 followers.  That is not so much a problem as a shame, as some of the blogs I really would like to give the award to have more than 200 followers so don’t qualify, such as Going Gently, a blog about village life in Wales, with a bit of a difference (and the odd rude word).

Then there are blogs whose writers declare their blogs award-free zones, such as My Life in the Charente, a delightful blog with just less than 200 followers, written by Diane, about….her life in the Charente, with lovely photos, recipes and history.

Then, worst of all, there are several blogs I would dearly love to give the award to, only to find that someone else got there before me and has given them the award already !!  Into this category falls Chez Charnizay, written by Niall and Antoinette, who write about life in a little village just up the road from Le Grand-Pressigny, with lovely photos and lots of interesting stuff about life in and the history of the region.

I was also going to give the award to Martine of Wishing I Were in France, a very talented lady who speaks several languages, lives in Belgium, writes about her life there and about her holidays in the Loire, which is where she really would like to be.  Chez Charnizay gave it to her already !!

Similarly, Simon and Susan, of Days on the Claise, were high up my list.  There’s was the first blog I ever read, in fact I didn’t even know what a blog was until Nick stumbled across it when he Googled something to do with Preuilly-sur-Claise a few years ago.  Chez Charnizay got to them first, too !!

This is beginning to follow a pattern, like a bunch of mates in a school playground, or you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.  An award will circle around amongst a cluster of blogs and occasionally break out into pastures new.  Not that that matters, except that I’m not sure that it’s the done thing for an award to be given to someone who already has it.

So, after much head-scratching, here’s my list of award-winners.

1.  Colin and Elizabeth of In and Around Braye-sous-Faye, who write about life in the little village near Richelieu where they have made their home.  From garden birds and dustbins to broken washing machines and Elizabeth’s famous knob collection, all of life is to be found here, seen with the eyes of a couple from the north of England just getting to grips with the ups and downs of living in France.

2.  Vera, of Snippets from Labartere, who writes about life on the smallholding she and her husband keep somewhere further south.  I never knew how difficult it was to keep pigs, bees and chickens until I read her hilarious and heartwarming stories.  Rather you than me, Vera !!

3.  Alex, of Moving from France to Ferrets.  Alex and his family (wife and dogs that is) moved back to the UK from France last year, which is more or less where I came in, and writes very witty stuff about day-to-day life, exactly the sort of stuff that blogs are for I think.  In fact I read most of my world news on his blog as I don’t watch telly or read newspapers so he usually gives me the important stuff with his own witty slant on it.  He waivered slightly a while ago and nearly gave up blogging.  I hope he’s over that now, but I’m not really sure he’s an awards kind of person.  We shall see.

4.  Leon and Sue of Melbourne, Our Home On The Bay, who write passionately about their love of France and their holidays there – I never thought I would learn so much about France from a couple of Aussies who have only been there for their holidays !!  Also about life in their part of Australia, Leon’s passion for cycling and Sue’s amazing cooking.  And they have very interesting new neighbours. 

5.  Last but not least, Phil of Mug of Strong Tea, who works on the butchers counter in Tesco in Nottingham and writes wittily about food, life in Nottingham, life in general and his love for France and French food.

If I had my way the list would not stop there, but blog award etiquette dictates that it must.  I hope that you will pay a visit to the blogs I have mentioned, as that is, after all, the purpose of this award business, to increase the traffic, so to speak.

Thanks again to Perpetua for nominating me and I shall display the award proudly on my sidebar.  I will not be offended if those who receive the award from me decide not to do the same and not to take part….well, not much anyway !!

I did a bit of brief research about the Liebster award and nothing much came up, except that it originated in Germany.  I didn’t find out who or when or why……..somebody with a few friends and quite a bit of time on his hands, I suspect !!

Happy reading.

The rules for award winners, if you wish to take part, are: post the award on your sidebar, link to the blog that awarded it and write a post passing it on to five other blogs with less than 200 followers.


  1. Thanks for including a link to my blog much appreciated. I will be following up on a few of the links that that you have given here that I do not know. Keep well Diane

  2. Well done! :-) Know that chuffed feeling!
    Didn't know that a 'rule' was to display the award in the side bar! Will rectify immediately.
    Thanks for the extra mention. You were on our list but Perpetua got in there first :-)

  3. Diane - you're welcome !! Enjoy the tour.

    Antoinette - not sure it's a rule....I might have made that up !!

  4. Well, I have to get there first sometimes, Niall and Antoinette! :-)

    You're very welcome, Jean. Great post and you have supplied some very tantalising links which I shall enjoy exploring. At this rate I may soon run out of time for anything other than blogging....

    (I'm guessing that the 'rule' about putting it in the sidebar is so that those looking for blogs to give the award to know which have already had it.)

  5. People love your blog because your kind and generous personality comes through so well. And you have some beautiful artistic shots of LGP very often.

  6. Congratulations on the award, Jean. Truly well-deserved.

  7. Perpetua - thanks, I knew there must be a sensible reason.

    Susan - thank you.

    Bear - thank you, nice to see you haven't quite hibernated yet.

  8. Hello Jean:
    Congratulations on your blog award. We heartily agree, it is so nice when you feel that what you write is appreciated and this award is such a lovely way to do just that. Wear it on your sidebar with pride!!

    All the blogs which you have selected to pass the award on to are completely new to us, so we intend to have a wonderful time paying them a visit. Thank you for the introductions.

  9. well done old gal!!!
    richly deserved!

  10. Dear Jean,
    I found your blog through Perpetua's award. The problem with following the award as it goes from one blog to another--and your suggestions sound so inviting--is that I find myself reading more and more blogs and doing less and less of the writing I want to do for publication. It truly is a dilemma.

    I'm going to view your suggestions, and just hope that for once I don't add five new blogs to my bookmarks! But oh, I've a feeling that tomorrow I'll spend even more time here at the computer--reading and commenting on blogs.


  11. Congratulations Jean! A well-deserved recognition! Thank you for considering my blog as a possible 'nominee'. I really appreciate it!

  12. Congratulations Jean.
    Your blog is always a pleasure to read, and the photographs really enhance your writing. Keep up the good work!

  13. These are all new blogs to me and so I am eager to check them out. Congratulations on receiving the Liebster. It does make one feel appreciated doesn't it?

  14. Gosh, thanks Jean. I was a bit 'off-colour' with blogging, but now feel enthused to bash on with getting those words written. Enjoyed reading those other blogs you mentioned as well, and will continue on with a few of them. Once again, thank you. x
    Oh, and I do think your blog is a good one, although do not always let you know that I have visited.

  15. Jean, I read your every blog post and Sue and I have become your cyberspace friends. Do hope we can say hello in May but we'll chat about that later. Its nice to get some feedback with the award and I can see you are really chuffed about it as we are with your kind inclusion to our blog.
    We'll wear our banner with pride because it came from you.
    Now where do I start with my 5 awards. I'm afraid I need to put some thought into this.
    Thanks Jean.