7 January 2012


When we were in France for the week between Christmas and New Year, we invited our friends Ken and Walt for lunch.  Their dog, Callie the collie, came too, of course. 

pears3 Callie, Ken, Walt and Lulu.

pears6 Callie making herself comfortable in front of the fire.

For dessert, Nick decided to do one of his favourite puddings,  pears poached in red wine.  I decided it should be served with a slice of rich chocolate torte as well.

We were almost perfectly organised but things went pear-shaped at the last minute as our guests arrived.  So Walt pitched in to help and mixed up the torte for me.  All I had to do was put it in the oven.

pears5 The perfect lunch guest – making his own lunch.


Thanks to Ken for this picture of the pears.

The poached pears are actually very easy to make.  You simply peel and core the pears leaving the stalks on, immerse them in red wine and cook for hours and hours in a low oven.  We did them the day before as they are served cold, but the chocolate cake was meant to be served slightly warm.

We had the leftover pears the next day and they were very good as an accompaniment to cheese.

If you would like to see the recipe, click here.


  1. Good food, good company - how good is that!

  2. The color of those pears is incredible! SO lush!

  3. Amazing treats, and saved by a friend.

    Happy New Year!

  4. We had a wonderful time. You guys are terrific hosts! And those pears were as delicious as they look (as was everything else).

    Merci !

  5. So where is the recipe for the chocolate torte or are you keeping us in suspense? The perfect guests when they chip in and help :) Diane

  6. It looks like a wonderful day. And Ken's photo of the pears is, of course, delicious!

  7. A wine soaked pear never fails to tempt. One sight of these and I'm heading straight to the kitchen.

  8. Leon - it's the best thing in the world.

    Elisabeth - Thanks for your comment. They did look stunning - but it was Nick who made them so I'm not really boasting.

    Rob-bear - Happy New Year to you, too.

    Walt - thanks !!

    Diane - I forgot to take photos of the chocolate torte, but I will no doubt be making it again.

    Mitch - we had a lovely time.

    Cally - welcome. When you get to the kitchen at least there is not much work in this recipe.

  9. what a delightful house you have...I especiallly love the flying birds

  10. I will long remember the visit, and the Derbyshire lamb! Not to mention the pears and the chocolate fondant cake. Hope to see you next time too.

  11. I wandered over to take a look-see from Perpetua's blog and where do I land? At the food, of course. You have a lovely, lovely blog and I shall return, and not just for these poached pears. Your writing and wit and all are beautiful. Penny