19 January 2012


I think I read a while ago that some people were having trouble with Blogger comments.  I didn’t take any notice because I didn’t think I was.

But lately, some blogs I follow have been playing up.  In the sense that if you click on the comments box the page freezes and you either see nothing at all or just a bit of the page and you certainly can’t read or leave a comment.

Then if you try again later, the comments link will work fine.

It doesn’t seem to happen with those blogs whose comments appear in a pop-out window, like mine or wcs or Days on the Claise.

The problem seems to be more with those blogs where the whole post reloads and you have to scroll down to the bottom again to see the comments, such as Snippets from Labartere and Zut Alors!, although it doesn’t seem to happen with In and around Braye-sou-Faye, which works the same way.

It also doesn’t seem to make any difference whether you are logged in or not.

Does anyone else have any experience or solutions for this problem ?


PS, congratulations to Alexander SACALEVIC, on becoming my 100th follower.  I never thought so many people would read the kind of stuff I write.  Probably, most of them don’t any more, but I am very flattered that so many obviously do – a big thank you to all who do.

I shall no doubt become a nervous wreck and develop a twitch if the number drops down below 100 again, anguishing over who has dumped me….blog stress …. can you get tablets for that ??!!


  1. Just checking. It still works.

    Word verification is "hypuzzl" - indeed - you couldn't make it up!!

  2. Jean, the problem has been caused by Blogger recently changing the embedded comments format (where all the comments are permanently shown below a post, rather than in a pop-up like you use or a separate full-page like I use). The embedded comments format has been replaced by a new threaded comments format and it's this which is causing all the trouble.

    The Blogger Help Forum is full of complaints and the only solution seems to be for people to change their comments format temporarily to pop-up or full-page until the Blogger engineers have worked out how to fix the new system.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Perpetua - thank you. I hope your explanation helps blog owners who are currently missing out on comments.

  4. Thanks for info. Note to self -- must check comments format...
    You won't need tablets, promise :-)

  5. Very occasionally I have had a problem with the odd comment but then I just change to Firefox for a day then go back to my normal server. It seems to work for me!! Diane

  6. Actually Jean, I changed my comments to pop out as a direct result of reading your blog. It's much better to comment while the post is still in view.

  7. I only hear about the problem from others when I use the embedded format. However, I am in love with this format and will probably keep it. I think it is mostly when people aren't using Google Chrome. Not that I am suggesting anyone switch to Chrome.

  8. Congratulations on 100 readers. You must be saying something that touches peoples' hearts if you have than many followers.

  9. Thank goodness it's not just me!

    It's driving me crazy.


  10. Jean.... no tablets... glass of Rosé works!

  11. Dear Jean,
    I want to thank Perpetua for her explanation here.
    I also want to congratulate you on having one hundred followers. That's quite an achievement. And I suspect your list will only grow.


  12. Having written all the above, Jean, i should add that I heard yesterday that some of my followers (in particular WordPress bloggers) are having trouble commenting on my blog, despite the fact that I use the full-page format. It's the word verification that's not working this time, so I've taken it off for the moment. Wouldn't it be nice if it all worked properly? Sigh...