26 January 2013


snow again2

Yesterday the cars were clear, the drive was clear and the road was clear. 

Overnight a band of snow came across the country and this morning we have 4-6” of snow again.  But this Saturday I don’t have to fight my way to work in it and the sun is shining so I’m going to enjoy it.  According to all the forecasts it will be 6°C and raining tomorrow so it should all be washed away.

snow again1

I certainly hope so. After two weeks of snow clearing and very nervous driving I will be glad to see the back of it !!

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  1. Yes, I'm glad I can choose not to go out in it unless I want to, and we've had much less than you.

    1. Susan, it's beginning to get tedious. It's hard work trying to do all the things you normally do when you have snow to clear before you can go anywhere.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. We had some light snow this morning - nothing dramatic, but last week's snow is still there ... And I'm tired of it. Give me a bright and colourful world instead of this blck and white one, please. Enjoy your weekend! Martine

  3. We had an overnight snowfall [about 3cms as predicted by TF1 meteo] and it looked great this morning; now with temps rising it rapidly melting and we will be back to muddy "squelch" mode.

    Great pics of Lulu :-)

  4. We had rain followed by more snow last night, Jean (before it headed across to you) but it's thawing now. Gorgeous photos with the blue skies (something we haven't had) and Lulu looks as though she's enjoying it all. :-) Hope your thaw arrives soon.

  5. It's a sign you're no longer a child when you look out of the window and say, "Oh no, it's snowing"! Pauline

  6. Argh! We must have been on the tail end of that system. We got less than an inch and it's all gone now. I hope yours goes away soon. I'm dreaming of spring and summer and sitting outside... ahhh!

  7. We had a fair dump of 10-15 cm. Although the snow had been forecast, the amount and how quickly the snow fell still took us by surprise.

    Everywhere looks white and very pretty today but last night at 11pm when we were trying to drive home from having dinner with some friends things weren't looking quite so good. That's with a 4x4 wearing the snow chains!

    The snow should have disappeared by Monday. Enjoy what's left of ypur weekend.

  8. I am happy to say so far we have only had one day that was too snowy to get the car out. On the other hand it just never stops raining here! Have a good week Diane

  9. Lulu looks like she is having fun in the snow. The landscape looks very pretty too.