1 March 2013



Today the first thing I said when I woke up was “white rabbits”.

This is something my parents always did on the 1st March and I have carried on the tradition !!  It’s a silly thing but apparently it is supposed to bring you luck.

With February now behind us I feel that things are looking up.  Even if winter weather comes back to bite us for a while, at least spring is not so far away.


And not only that, for me today is a red letter day.  This means a day of major significance involving a letter.

Today I handed in my notice at work and I will be retiring at the end of May.

This means I will have the summer months to relax or do the gardening, or all the little jobs that we just never have time to do.  There is also of course the chance that we might be able to spend more time in Le Grand-Pressigny.  Alex and Nicole have successfully installed telephone and internet for us so that Nick will be able to work “from home” – just imagine how good that will be for him, sitting on our little terrace overlooking the rooftops of the village while working at his computer.  And I will be able to ……. just enjoy being on holiday for longer than usual. 

That’s the theory, anyway !!

Instead of looking for photos of white rabbits and red letters to post with my announcement, I decided to use photos of some of the flowers that were in our little garden when we arrived chez nous last spring.  I just can’t wait to see them again and I absolutely can’t wait for the end of May.

Wish me luck !!


  1. The very best of British and French and every other kind of luck to you both!

  2. Bonne Chance! (I hope I am remembering my high school French!)
    What a lovely part of the world, you should enjoy your retirement.
    All the best to you.

  3. Congratulations and the best of luck! The future looks bright! Enjoy ... Martine xx

  4. Well done! You'll miss your colleagues but not the daily commute.
    We used to say "white rabbits" too, on the first of the month, but not just March. Tim said it to me this morning, but I forgot and said good morning first.

  5. Luck, of course, and the best of everything, but congratulations most of all. Retirement is a wonderful time of life.

  6. Congratulations :-) Wishing you all good things and here's to the end of the commute!

    We say white rabbits at the start of every month. I learnt the tradition from Niall.

  7. Congratulations indeed Jean! Best of luck to you and Nick.

  8. Oh wow! Lucky you! You are going to be so much happier. Gosh, just imagine all the things you can do...

  9. Jean, I can tell from the way you write your blog that you already really enjoy life, so I know that retirement will increase that enjoyment. I bet Nick will enjoy life more too, just because you're happier. I wish you the best.

  10. Congratulations
    Lucky you to being able to enjoy part of your retirement in France

  11. sitting with my laptop as I look out upon French fields with only the sound of birdsong to enhance my reverie. I'll have some of that!! Went to see the play Piaf at Leicester Curve yesterday. Terrific!

  12. The first of the month is always a good day to do something new, and handing in your notice is certainly that, Jean. :-) Congratulatuions and enjoy your retirement when it arrives.

    Not much sign of spring here today - only 4C and not a hint of a daffodil for Saint David's Day. Sigh....

  13. I bet May can not come fast enough and you will find there are still not enough hours in the day! I had forgotten white rabbits so I hope I do not have bad luck! Have a great weekend Diane

  14. Wishing you all the best for your coming retirement Jean.

  15. Congratulations! I know you've been looking forward to this. You won't be disappointed. :)

  16. Hi Jean,


    Look forward to the opportunities this will bring for you both. The telephone and internet will be really useful- we've found it so. Tim doesn't get the holiday entitlement that I have and so a lot of the time we spend in France is with him working and me 'en vacances'. You can suspend, which we do over the winter.

    I hope that we'll run in to you more often and that you really enjoy your retirement.

    I'm a day late but I wish you a 'white rabbits' day, every day!

  17. Hello Jean,
    I say 'white rabbits' also, (LOL!) passed on from my mother when I was a child - just says with you! Congratulations and wishing you lots of new adventures in France!

  18. Congratulations on your soon-to-come retirement! Very exciting. I had never heard that white rabbit tradition. Will have to try it next year (I missed my chance this year)!

  19. we merely say 'rabbit' on New Year's Eve.
    I too want to join the conga line of congratulations and wish you all the best !