5 June 2013


crochet1 crochet2 …….plant pot cover.  A whole windowsill’s worth.


Two windowsills actually.


And very jolly they were too, cheering up a street in Chinon.  Something tells me the winters are long here !!

I can’t imagine something like this lasting out the week back in Derbyshire.  Thieves, vandals or foul weather would be the end of it before you could say “knit one, purl one”.

(I couldn’t make my mind up if they had been knitted or crocheted.  It looked very clever in any case.)


  1. What fun! I wonder how long they last? They look like they are made just like a scarf, so super simple (I suspect they are crocheted, but like you, can't make up my mind).

  2. They are wonderful!
    Susan, if made from "man-made" fibres...
    probably quite a long time...
    but show their age!!
    We used offcuts of an all wool carpet on our allotment...
    it wasn't ALL wool... either the warp or the weft was man-made...
    when we changed the layout of the beds, we spent ages trying to get the remnant spagetti out of the soil...
    the spade wouldn't cut it... the fork wouldn't dig properly...
    and we were still getting strands out just before we moved here.
    As a committee, the allotment banned the "traditional" use of carpet about eight years back.

    I think that they could well be knitted... someone knitted me a scarf in this pattern of stitching from odds&sods of wool "ends"...
    a certain Tom Baker was The Doctor at that time...

    But they are a delight to behold... long may they survive!!

  3. How lovely! It looks like the window box cover is made by crochet, but what a fabbo idea for using up oddments of wool. I make throws with left over bits, but would not discount this idea at some point in the future. They look very cheerful, and are obviously made with love. Well done that person for creating such an attractive feature out of bits of left over wool!

  4. Me again! In fact as I was coming off the computer I had the notion to transfer this idea to some indoor plant pots which could do with a bit of pepping up!

  5. That is fantastic. So Tom Baker! You are right about such a thing not lasting long in the UK. It would be vandalised or stolen within a week and that's being generous with the time scale. Thanks for documenting!

  6. They look great! My vote goes to crochet :-)

  7. RestlessinFranceSaturday, June 08, 2013

    How wonderful. It's crochet and certainly a way to brighten up old faded plastic troughs! Google Saltburn pier knitting!!!

  8. Great! have 'pinned'one of the pics here: