25 June 2013


One of my few remaining ambitions in life is to stumble across a flash mob somewhere, preferably an operatic one.  John Gray posted a really lovely YouTube of one recently and after looking at it I spotted this little video:

Although it might be a bit soppy, it reminded me that being nice isn’t difficult and it is, after all, the little things that count.  I like the music too.

I’ll be back soon, when I have caught up with the housework…….how did I ever have time to go to work……..and where have I heard that before ?!

For flashmob fans, here’s the Waitrose one:

Thanks to John for posting it originally.


  1. That's a lovely video and the song is strangely infectious!

  2. Thanks Jean, the Waitrose one is really funny; the look on people's faces is hilarious. How wonderful is the power of music.

  3. That first video reminded me that, when we give a little love, we may inspire someone else.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  4. The first video is not at all soppy. Such an inspiration (and so true).

    I would also love to stumble on a flash mob, although for some reason watching one always brings tears to my eyes (the comradery, the connectivity, the talent, the joy...) I'd probably start sobbing if I every actually experienced one! This one was wonderful.

    1. Mitchell, you big softy!
      Actually, they always have me in tears, too.

  5. I agree with Mitchell (above). They make me cry too and I think it's for exactly the same reasons - seeing the smiles and wonder on people's faces; people of all ages and backgrounds forming a bond which may only last for a few minutes but which, no doubt, will live in the memory for much longer. It's quite simply heart-warming!

  6. Ha!
    You should make your own!
    Make it a 'must do" bucket list idea! Pick yer song, and make it so!

  7. About the first video;
    My Shakespeare professor thought King Lear one of the most tragic of plays because of all the senseless cruelty and unfairness therein. Yet it was constrasted throughout with little bits of human kindness and tidbits of helping each other out. That was the comfort of the play of Life - small acts of compassion to counteract the cosmic.

  8. You are welcome sweetheart x

  9. There seems to be far less hours in the day when you retire!!! Wish I could watch the videos, maybe one day they will improve our internet connection!! Have a good day Diane

  10. First video is great...
    it takes no time to watch out for others....
    and give a little, help a little!

    Funicular railway was excellent.....
    one of my favourorite tooonz...
    oh yesssss!