15 October 2013


My little brother has treated himself to a new camera and passed his old one on to me.

new camera4

This is what I would call a proper camera.  It looks like a camera and has lots of knobs to twiddle.

new camera5

I had been thinking for a while that I ought to get a proper camera.  One that looks like I know what I’m doing with a camera.  Which I don’t.

new camera1 new camera2 new camera3

I have loved my little pink point-and-shoot camera and it has done good service for the last few years.  There are things that it won’t do, which has been frustrating.  The question is, will I be able to take those pictures with my new camera?

I have no idea, but I look forward to finding out.  I will probably need a course in photography to do the finding out, as I know next to nothing about it.  I’m using my new camera on auto mode at the moment, getting used to how it feels.  And avoiding most of the knobs !!


  1. I'll bet you'll pick it up in no time. The snaps you took last week are great!

  2. Remember what I said the other evening...
    film is free these days...
    [no nasty chemicals either]...
    so go and play with it...
    and play with the lighting, too!!

    it will still be more than useful!

    And as the G1 is a micro 4/3rds camera, you can buy other lenses....
    in fact, I'll bet you can also find an adaptor that will allow you to use second-hand Panasonic lenses that can be found on e-Bay...
    you will need a large camera bag...
    somewhere to store all the extra lenses..
    and flashes and tripods, monopods, bean bags, etc...
    and don't forget the removable 4 Terabyte hard-drive to store all the pictures on...
    and the DVD writer to make the "hard copy" back-ups...
    and then the extra disc storage.............

    You'll find that with baking, jewellery and this...
    winter will vanish before it has begun!!
    Have fun....
    you've got the time!

    1. There is a "Cameraquest" adapter available that will allow you to use second hand Canon lenses on manual focus. Also, because of the size of the 4/3rds sensor... any non 4/3rds lens effectively becomes doubled in focal length... so a 200mm Canon lens will become a 400mm telephoto on yours!! Nice!!!

    2. And I was thinking this morning that, although the article about the lens adapter "moaned" about all that extra weight when putting a big lens on...
      you would still have all the advantages.
      I've compared the weight of my brother's 200 and 400 mill lenses... the size of the latter makes it about three times the weight of the of the former!!
      So you'd still be pounds in!!
      [Not sterling, though! Even second-hand Canon glass cost a small Renault 4]

  3. Presumably you used each camera to take a photo of the other! Never too late to learn. Have fun.

  4. Just found you a couple of User Groups to belong to...
    Panasonic Owners Group:
    Four-thirds Users
    G1 threads
    Have fun....

  5. Have fun and just press those knobs to see what happens :-)! As Tim has pointed out film is free!

  6. Indeed ! I like things proper, and this camera fits the bill.

  7. Wow! Wish I had a brother who would give me such hand-me-downs. I've been toying with the idea of getting a grown-up camera next time around. The one benefit I have right now is that my camera fits in a hip case or in my pocket. But, with all the pictures I take, it sure would be nice to have more control (and more capabilities).

  8. Now that's what I call a serious camera! Looking forward to seeing the images it produces.

  9. I also need a course in photography. I am getting some good shots from our new Nikon but there is so much I do not understand! Enjoy and keep well Diane

  10. I have a point and shoot camera as well, which I have now dropped, so I have to hold the camera casing together when I take photos. Good luck with the new camera. And good luck to me too as I head towards the shops to replace my damaged camera!