11 July 2014


We arrived in Le Grand-Pressigny on the last Friday of June, mid afternoon, having set off from home in Derbyshire at 2 am.  We chose to leave at this ridiculously unearthly hour in order to get to the south coast before the traffic built up on the M25.

It worked really well, the journey was easy, the traffic was light and we arrived chez nous at a good time in the afternoon to allow us to settle in, although we were, as you can imagine, incredibly tired.  We would definitely travel at that time again.  It’s worth being exhausted at the French end of the journey to avoid the horrendous daytime and evening traffic on the UK roads.


On the Saturday morning we decided to go to Loches market to get some provisions and a few extra plants for the garden.

With armfuls of plants we were walking back to the car as a strange vehicle passed by.  It was a sort of trike, a cross between a car and a tricycle and Nick quickly identified it as a Morgan with a Harley-Davidson engine.  It stopped at the traffic lights and Nick changed his mind, noticing that it was an S&S engine – the kind often used in American custom motorcycles.

Having deposited the plants in the car we walked back to town and got ourselves a table in one of our favourite restaurants for lunch.  As we sat down I was aware of a man seated by himself at the table behind Nick.  He looked somehow vaguely familiar and shortly later he was joined by a woman in a jacket with a fur collar – unusual attire for late June – and I found myself trying to listen in to their conversation to see if they were English or French.


After a few minutes the woman turned round and asked us if we were Nick and Jean from Derbyshire.  I then recognised them and realised who they were – friends from our old motorcycle rallying days and we hadn’t seen them for many, many years!

morgan3 morgan4 morgan5 morgan6 morgan7 morgan8

They were on a two week camping tour of France in their Morgan and had stopped off in Loches on their way south.


Naturally we invited them to stay over with us for the night and we spent the rest of the day and the evening catching up and reminiscing about old times.  Between us we worked out that the last time we met was on a campsite in Scotland about fourteen years ago, at a motorcycle rally that they organised every year.

As we enjoyed a convivial evening together the rain poured down outside – I was pleased for them that they had not had to spend the night on a campsite somewhere.

The Morgan was a beautiful machine and, Alan and Sue being well travelled and seasoned motorcyclists and campers, they had the packing and stowing of gear down to a fine art.  It’s amazing how much stuff you can get into a tiny space (or on a motorcycle) for a two week holiday after years of practice.

The Morgan attracted a lot of attention in the village, people stopped to ask questions and take photos, which is hardly surprising as it’s a fairly unique vehicle.

We exchanged details so that it’s not another fourteen years before we meet up again.  Not only that, Nick now has a Morgan on his Christmas list !!


  1. What a fabulous beast. Shame we missed it in Loches.

  2. Wonderful!

    If the waiting list for a Morgan is what it used to be Nick might be disappointed, this year at least!

    Is there a hood for the rain?

    1. Gaynor, luckily he was thinking of a secondhand one!
      There appear to be only two in the whole of France, but plenty in the UK.

    2. And there's a cover for when it's parked but whilst en route our friends wear full motorcycle waterproofs.

  3. Super machine! Can imagine it's a real head turner everywhere they go.

  4. Life is full of wonderful co-incidentz...
    you were obviously meant to meet again!

    But Auntie Beeb had a thing about the new version of the Morgan "Runabout"....
    you would have to seriously DOWNSIZE you French adventure to buy one....
    say get a very large barn and live in a tent inside....
    and there's probably a huge waiting list!!

    Why not look at the two alternatives....
    The 1930's BSA Trike.... most of the secondhand ones have already been fitted with Motoguzzi engines!
    Or a Pembleton.... looks the same as a Morgan... but has a 2CV, Visa or GSA engine....
    so parts would be a doddle to find.

    Seems a shame that the new version has lost the smashing fish-tail exhaust....
    but given the price that the Beeb said they were asking, they'd probably do that as an option for a few grand more!!

    1. Tim, Nick has his heart set on a Morgan but I'll pass your suggestions on to him!
      According to our friends, everything you want for a Morgan costs a "few grand more"!

  5. What a lucky coincidence. And how kind of you to invite your friends to spend the night, especially with the rain pouring down all night.
    P.S. Would your favourite restaurant be the 'Golden Gerbil' :)) where we had lunch together in 2012? Have a nice weekend and good luck on the house hunting!

    1. Martine, that was another part of the amazing coincidence!
      We planned to eat at "the Golden Gerbil" but we walked past it at 11.30 am and it had a sign saying it was already fully booked.
      So, we went to one of our other favourites - so it was definitely fate - if we had been able to eat at the Gerbe D'Or we would not have seen our friends. We certainly didn't realise it was them as they passed us in their Morgan and they didn't notice that it was us on the pavement.

  6. It is amazing how coincidences like that really do happen if not often. Happy you picked up with an 'old' friendship. It happened to Nigel walking into a lift in Johannesburg and meeting up with a guy who used to live in the same house in the UK donkey years before!!.. Good luck with the househunting. Diane

  7. Glad you caught up with some old friends! What fun!

    There is something like that Morgan which is produced in North America. Smaller, and not that fancy-looking, but same general structure. Maybe Nick will have to look further afield to find what he needs/wants.

    Blessings and Bear hugs to the three of you!