9 April 2016

Live Writer restored at last

I hope…..


I have been struggling without Windows Live Writer since the beginning of the year.  The old Live Writer simply wouldn’t publish to Blogger so I was having to do a copy and paste job, which was long winded and fraught with all the whims of Blogger itself, which would randomly respace my pictures and so on.

Nick has found an alternative.  This is a test post to see if it works.  Fingers crossed……..


  1. It seems fine to me here in Oregon USA.

    1. Gayle, there are many reports of it not working since the end of 2015. Google changed the authentication and it would no longer publish to Blogger. It is apparently no longer supported by Microsoft and has been taken over by some other people who now call it Open Live Writer.
      Interesting that it is fine where you are.