31 January 2019


I have managed so far to resist writing at length about how I feel about Brexit - even the word itself is annoyingly stupid.
This blog post pretty much sums it up:
The Stupidity of Brexit


  1. We are only just understanding quite how stupid it is. Europe as a political entity is finished, for better or worse.

    1. And with Trump on one side of us, Putin and Isis on the other, heaven help us.

  2. Wonderful article Jean.... however, as an argument for the consumption of the majority of the populace it won’t be read, nor understood.
    There are no pictures, no videos, no hidden lumps of cuddlikittencandy to make stark reality palatable.
    And those who require such will blame anyone they can, but themselves, once the crap hits the rotating blades!
    There will be civil unrest.... there is no way of avoiding it....
    Rescind Article 50, and the Leave faction who are fanatical about it will be up in arms.... possibly real arms!
    Leave, and the majority of people will begin to mumble, then rise in anger....
    How the latter occurs is totally unknown, but, as it will be the poorest who will be most at loss.... riots, probably... looting, burning.... anyone remotely richer than they, will come under attack.... it will be worse than anything the far right Leavers come up with, that’s a certainty!

    1. Tim, yet there are still those who think it will all work out just fine. We have friends who voted to leave for well thought out reasons, often on just one issue only, who think that somehow a magic wand will be waved and Britain will be a nice cosy place to live.
      The thing about this post that hit home with me is how the nearly 50% of the voters are now cast aside, their fears deemed irrelevant in the aim to carry out "the will of the people" at all costs.