6 June 2019


The upstairs work is finished.  You never really finish with a house like this as there is always something else to change or improve.  There are still things that we would like to do but we have run out of steam for the time being.  We have downed tools and decided enough is enough, for this year anyway.  Having spent two months working on the house we have called it a day and from now on we are just living our lives.  Getting on with the routine stuff, gardening, shopping, cooking and just enjoying being here.
Spending so much time working on indoors means that the outdoors is not quite as summer ready as we would have liked by now.  Nick has managed to do some crisis gardening while I have been restoring the inside to normality, tidying, cleaning, putting away and finding a permanent home for the stuff in boxes that landed in our bedroom to make way for the work at the other end of the house.

We have not yet made full use of our picnic shelter.  All we have done is a quick tidy up so that we could have a few meals outside in the fine weather.  A little more time spent will restore it to its full glory, always ready for a relaxing meal - lunch, dinner or a cup of tea with a slice of cake.

While I have been busy sprucing up the inside Nick has been wrestling our garden furniture out of the barn and cleaning it up for summer use.  Washing bird poo off the chairs, dusting off the cobwebs and oiling the wood.  There is somewhere to sit in shade or in the sunshine all around the house whatever the time of day, according to the weather. 
The crop around the house is coming on and the views are stunning.  If you don't mind a few pylons of course.

So this is as good as it gets.  The house is more or less as we want it.  We have ironed out its wrinkles and changed things to our taste.  It has taken us over four years but we can now begin the rest of our lives and just enjoy living here instead of doing it up.  The garden is full of roses, which is how we like it. 
More later.