27 June 2020


At the moment the Foreign Office advice for travel to France is for essential travel only and there is a two week quarantine period for people travelling either way.  There are hints that this will be changed in the next week or so to allow UK tourists to travel to several European countries including France so that people can take summer holidays and the tourist industry on both sides of the English Channel can begin to get back on its feet.
So, it's looking more like we can make plans to be heading to France at the end of July, only four months later than usual and only four weeks from now!
There is much to do in the meantime.  My dad's application for an assisted living flat is still on hold until the authorities can approve the face to face assessments in his own home.  Oddly, someone from the same organisation was in his home earlier this week to install a fall monitor so it doesn't quite make sense to me that it can be deemed safe for one person to be in the same room as him for an hour but not another.  Still, rules are rules and it is what it is. 

I will fill his larder and freezer with essentials to keep him going for a few weeks.  He's happy to ride his mobility scooter round to the corner shop for basics two or three times a week, as long as it's not raining too much, and the pressure on online shopping has settled down so we will be able to get other groceries delivered to keep him topped up.  It all requires a little forward planning but should work ok.

Throughout the lockdown period we have eaten outdoors whenever we could (much to the amusement of the neighbours).  This is something we do all the time in France so we thought it a good idea not to get out of practice!  Whilst outside for apéros early yesterday evening my mobile phone rang (something that doesn't happen often) and it was my hairdresser.  Salons are able to reopen for business from 4th July and he had decided that contacting clients himself would be a better way of managing the requests for appointments than being inundated with phone calls at work.  So, I have an appointment for a haircut just before the date we hope to travel - how good is that?!

Not only that, but as pubs and restaurants can also reopen for business from 4th July we have a table booked for lunch at our favourite local place on that day!

Things are looking up and we are looking forward - to getting our lives back!

Bon weekend!!


  1. Great news, looking forward to traveling again

  2. The quarantine period in France is voluntary

    1. Tim, so I understand. We wouldn't want to ignore it.
      The one on returning to the UK is more problematic, if for example I have to dash back for some reason to do with my dad, which is very possible.