14 September 2020



It's exactly one month since I took this picture of sunflowers near us.  They are all gone now, the bowed blackened heads being swept away by the harvesting machines and all that's left is fields of stubble.  How quickly they turn from something bright and glorious that can't fail to bring a smile to something rather dull and unsightly.
It's exactly six years since we moved to this house.  That time has passed very quickly too. 
On Wednesday it will be exactly eight weeks since we arrived for the summer and it was always our intention to return to the UK after that length of time.  We had intended to come back to France for another six to eight weeks after a short stay back in the UK but that won't happen now.  We even considered staying on here for another month but as it seems likely that there will be more restrictions on both sides of the English Channel, at least in the short term, we decided to call time.
Once the two weeks of being confined to our house  for quarantine are over, we will then be on hand in the hope that my dad might get lucky at the next allocation meeting and actually be offered a sheltered housing flat.  We have done all we can do to make it happen and now we just have to wait and wait and continue waiting.  Meanwhile he spends all day by himself watching re-runs of old TV programmes.  He's had his assessment by the housing people (outdoors next to the dustbins) and his telephone assessment by Social Services (of which he can remember nothing except that they asked a lot of questions) and the allocation committee meet on the first Tuesday of every month so 6th October - assuming the Social Services report has been completed and sent to the committee by then. 
Now please go and look at the first third picture.  I just tried to upload it here, in this position.  New Blogger put it at the beginning instead and I can't see how to move it.  Putting it exactly where I wanted it was never a problem with Old Blogger.*
* I have now managed to move it by cut & paste but not centre it in New Blogger.
It shows a picture of the PC screen as it is while I am writing a blog post.  A few lines of text is all I can get to see at any one time, which makes composition very tricky.  Does anyone else have/had this problem and if so, have you fixed it and how?
(I gave up and made my edits to the text in Old Blogger.)


  1. Yes I had the same problem yesterday. I think it's a new problem it's developed. It's a pain. Pictures go in the order they feel like, and if you are writing about them best do it above rather than below. Once you've got a good body of text it sorts itself out. I am trying as far as possible to upload the photos first then write around them. I'm ignoring the fact that if I upload 10 photos from a walk they are not in chronological order. It's less of a faff than only being allowed to insert one photo at a time if I want to place them in a particular position in the text. All very tedious. I haven't bothered alerting blogger admin because in my experience no social media admin listens to anything the users say.

  2. I end up going back into the old Blogger interface every day. It's just easier, especially since I've been using it for 15 years now. Old dogs, new tricks, and all that.

    You can move photos in the old interface by clicking on them. The options they give you include delete, but don't do that. Just copy or cut the photo (press CTRL-C or CTRL-X). Then put the cursor where you want the picture to be and press the paste shortcut (CTRL-V). Click on it again and click Center or Left or Right to get it positioned where you want it. I usually do a lot of editing of the HTML code to get my posts formatted and pictures sized the way I want them to look.

    Jean, I can't believe it's been six years already since you moved into that house. Who knows where the time goes?

  3. You can cut or copy images in the new Blogger interface the same way as in the old interface. That hasn't changed. It's safer to copy and paste in case anything goes wrong. Then you can go back and delete the image you have moved.