5 December 2013


We have had incredibly strong winds in the UK today and it has certainly been a “Black Thursday” for us.

There were trees down everywhere and driving to an appointment this afternoon a branch was blown off a tree and landed on the car, making a series of dents in the bonnet and front wing.

At home the TV aerial was blown off.  From inside the roof and chimney seem ok but until the engineer comes tomorrow and gets up there with his ladder we won’t know for sure.

A fence panel blew over in the back garden, snapping off three stout fence posts.   Also a terracotta pot blew over and managed to smash two panes of glass in the greenhouse.

We managed to save the corrugated plastic roof of the neighbour’s lean-to conservatory while she was out by climbing up a ladder and putting some bricks on top before it blew off altogether.

All in all, there was nothing life threatening but a real nuisance.  The fence and greenhouse are not covered by our insurance policy.  Whether or not it is worth claiming on our house insurance for the aerial remains to be seen.  If we do it will be the first time in forty years of having a household policy.

As for the car, the damage is to our older car which isn’t worth a great deal but it spoils its looks and almost certainly makes it worth even less.  We will take it to the local body shop to see how much it will cost to repair but I expect it won’t be worth claiming on our motor policy.

So we are  probably around a thousand pounds worse off now than when we got out of bed this morning.  If anyone else tells me “it could have been worse” there’s a chance I could stamp on their foot !!


  1. When you told me the car had been dented I didn't realise you were in it at the time! That must have been frightening. Growing up in a place that was subjected to the tail ends of cyclones most years I have a bit of a horror of things flying around the yard in high winds. It's amazing the things that can turn lethal even when you are aware and careful and think you've put everything away.

    1. Susan, I was more surprised than frightened. Branches were flying around everywhere and when one hit me I was glad it didn't land on the windscreen. Which would have been more dangerous and inconvenient but definitely covered in full by our insurance.....grrrrrrrr........

  2. It is very annoying when that happens and you have to put it right it is as they say a pain in the ****. My daughter in Southport reported being attacked on the legs with a recycling bin this morning! C

  3. What an absolute pain, but at least you are safe and unharmed apart from a real pain in the back pocket!

    We are ok here, in fact the high winds blew the oak leaves into a nice pile ready to be put into the brown bin! However on my travels up the M6 today I passed a horrendous accident - car squashed between a coach and a lorry. The driver was very fortunate to escape unharmed.

    Your view of insurance seems to be rather like ours. You have it in case of something really big and bad! Hope the aerial and chimney are not too costly.

    See you on Tuesday...

  4. Good to hear you're safe in spite of having bits of tree thrown at you. Tim knows exactly what that's like. I hope the appointment was worth it! P.

  5. bummer, as we say here in the Southwest.

  6. Glad that you survived unscathed event though you are going to be out of pocket financially.

  7. I remember our storm a few years ago. Very nerve wracking. We lost tiles off the roof and a couple of trees blew over in the garden. Hang in there.

  8. As a kid in North Carolina, I sat in front of our our kitchen window and watched as two trees in our back yard blew over in a hurricane. I also saw bricks being blown off the chimney of the house next door, one or two at a time, and flying around the neighborhood. Glad that you and Nick are not injured and that the damage wasn't any worse than it was. In 2010 here in Saint-Aignan we had a strong storm like that. Roof tiles went flying off our roof. Luckily, the car was in the garage so was not damaged. It's all pretty exciting, in a bad kind of way.

  9. I would never say "It could have been worse" because it could always have been better, too! But truly glad you weren't hurt when that tree branch came down on your car. Certainly scary weather.

  10. I'm so glad the damage was only to your car and not to the two of you, Jean, though the overall cost to you must be very depressing. It was pretty wild across here too, even though we qwere only on the edge of things. Our daughter works in the Bridgewater Place in Leeds (the skyscraper that makes the winds worse http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-25217165) and her account of yesterday is pretty horrendous too.

  11. Very glad to hear you are both ok! Though sorry to hear you have suffered damage.

  12. Oh, bah! humbug! What a nuisance! Sorry you went through all that.

    How did Lulu respond to the situation? Elegantly, I expect.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  13. I have only just had time to catch up, so sorry that you have had so many problems and the expense added to it is not good. It was very windy here as well and all I could do to stand up here in Wiltshire, Luckily though we had no damage. Hope you get things sorted out cheaper than you expect. Take care diane

  14. Sorry to hear your news and I hope that all sorts itself out for you. Love to all. X