15 December 2013



As soon as we spotted that the wind had blown our aerial down and while the storm was still raging on the 5th December we phoned a TV aerial company.  We got the number in the Thompson Local directory and thought we’d get in early and be at the front of the queue.  The operator booked us in for the engineer to come the next day, Friday.  Result!

He didn’t turn up.  He told a couple of fibs about having tried to phone us (which he hadn’t) and said he would come Saturday morning instead.  By 12.30pm he hadn’t turned up.  Waiting in on a Saturday morning is really frustrating, especially if the person doesn’t turn up.  Weekends are the only times we can get errands done together and with fence panels and greenhouse glass to sort out, as well as Christmas things get done, we could do without the aggravation.

We phoned and he said he would come about 3pm so we went out for lunch, then I went shopping while Nick waited at home.  By 3.30pm it was getting dark and he still hadn’t turned up.  We phoned him again and he just said he was still working on another job so Nick told him to get lost.

We phoned another company and arranged for them to come on Thursday morning between 8am and 1pm, as Nick was going to be away all week and that was the first day I could be in all day.

At 11.30am on Thursday I phoned to check they were coming and was told definitely by 1pm.  At 1.30pm I phoned to see what was happening and was told I was the next job on his list but he couldn’t say what time he would arrive.  I told him to get lost.  Another day wasted.

With two aerial companies sacked already I gambled on third time lucky and this time I phoned the local electrical appliance shop to see if they could recommend anyone.  I was given the number of a man called Brian who said he would come at about 3.30pm.  At 5pm when it had been dark for an hour or more I phoned him to make another arrangement but he did in fact turn up and look at the job in the dark, from the ground using my torch because he didn’t bring one.

He said he would come between 9.30 and 10am on Saturday morning to fix it.


At 8am on Saturday Nick made some tea and had just brought it upstairs when Lulu’s barking announced the arrival of a visitor.  I said not to worry, it would probably be the milk arriving but a man in a safety helmet perched a long ladder against the wall just as Nick peered through the curtains to see who it was.


Why does dealing with tradespeople have to be so difficult?  How can they sleep at night when they behave so unprofessionally?  Heaven help the poor souls who have had major damage to their property and have to go through all this with numerous different companies.  Project managing the simple repair of a TV aerial was exhausting and infuriating enough.


It was nice to end the week with a bit of normality.  Nick was glad to be home after a hectic week away.  Lulu was glad to have Nick back and I was glad to be able to watch Strictly on the TV instead of the computer.

All we have to do now is get the greenhouse, the fence and the car fixed!

We put up the Christmas tree this afternoon and guess what….the lights don’t work………….


  1. Well, the job's done, at last. A bit of local info made all the difference, even if Brian couldn't tell the time. I don't use directories since I chose the wrong plumber (in York) who was a drunk and made a pass at me (on yer bike, sunshine).
    We got spare bulbs for our Christmas tree lights from Noma Lites Direct of Weybridge, who deliver to Europe but not France.

  2. Argh! The perennial headache of non-working holiday lights. I got us a new string of LEDs this year. And they all work. For now.

  3. Oh, dear! Talk about frustrating. I have no idea of why trades people overbook themselves. I guess they think there's plenty of work to do, so if someone drops out, there will be others.

    Now, if you can just get those lights to work. . . .

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  4. Oh, that sad punchline. I don't know if that's ironic or just plain tragic. So glad you finally did get the aerial fixed. I think we've all had that experience again and again. So frustrating!

  5. Had similar sort of nonsense recently with a cooker repair company who couldn't give a time the day before but said they would ring between 6.30am and 9am to advise whether I could expect an AM or PM appointment that day. Pathetic, unprofessional and actually really,really arrogant. I despair of most tradespeople.

    1. Arrogant is a good word for it!
      When we sacked the first one, we said we would find someone more reliable to do the job and the bloke laughed and said "good luck with that!"

    2. Sums it up really. Ah well, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.

  6. I hate, hate, hate people who are unreliable and it is even worse when Xmas is just around the corner and you know you will never get them that week. We have left home with a problem to our fosse, so far the guy has not been but says he will be there the week of Christmas...... We certainly hope so we are home again 29th. Fingers and toes crossed as we are not there and it is our poor neighbour who has the worry. Have a great Christmas and all the very best for 2014 Diane and Nigel. xx