10 March 2014


I used to follow a really nice blog about a dog.

An old English sheepdog who lived in Scotland.  Some of you may know the blog I mean.  After the dog died his owners deleted the blog.

Yesterday evening I was doing a bit of lazy blogging and noticed that the link to the old dog blog was still there on a friend’s blog.  I no longer have it on my list of blogs so I clicked just out of curiosity.  (I think that in the back of my mind I was wondering if they had got themselves another dog.)

The link for this blog now takes you to the kind of website that I personally would never want to visit. 

It looks like some devious and unpleasant people have used the old dog blog address to peddle their garbage, maybe in the hope of picking up accidental traffic (although that couldn’t amount to much surely) or maybe as the only way they can get their material out there.  What do I know.  I don’t usually look at stuff like this so I don’t know how devious people have to be.

Anyway, if you used to follow a really nice blog about an old English sheepdog who lived in Scotland with his owners, you might want to check if it’s still on your blog roll or in your profile.  I hope you have a strong stomach.

Periodically I tidy up my blog by deleting any links to old or deleted blogs.  Now I’m glad I did !!


On the home front, we are very busy and somewhat bemused.  Totally flummoxed and in headless chicken mode.

In the space of four days we have sold our house and bought another one in the UK.  We found the perfect small house to keep here and, even more fortunately, it’s currently empty.  It’s also been recently renovated and we will be the first to enjoy the new plumbing, electrics, carpets and decorating. 

That will make life so much easier if we can move the stuff we want to keep in the UK straight into a house rather than having to do a double shuffle by putting stuff into storage intended for two different destinations.

Tidying up has therefore paid off on two counts.  My blog is (I hope) porn free and the house is sold.

I have however run out of fingers and toes to keep crossed !!

Have a great week !!


  1. It is always heartening to hear of happy coincidences - buying and selling so quickly in both the UK and France! May your new homes be blessed with much happiness. Amicalement.

    1. Elizabeth, we have not found anywhere in France yet!
      In fact we haven't even started. That's going to be much more of an adventure I think and I will definitely be keeping you up to date.

      So far we have simply downsized in the UK, which is the first half of our grand plan. (Assuming our sale goes through of course.)
      The second half is the French bit.

      However, we are thrilled with our find in the UK and hope as much as anyone can hope that we don't lose it !!

  2. Major congratulations on the house sale and purchase. Wishing you well with the move and crossing my fingers and toes in moral support that the move is a piece of cake and that your blog remains smut free!

  3. Great news about the sale and the purchase so seemingly quick and easy. Although knowing the bizarre UK system of property exchange, I will have my fingers crossed for you. At least the deal falling through at the last minute is one thing you won't have to worry about in France.

    1. Susan, that's why we're looking forward to the French bit so much.
      It's a piece of cake compared to in the UK, where nothing's certain until the money is in the bank !!

    2. Susan, Scotland has the same rules as France...
      you put a bid in, through a solicitor, for a property in Ecosse and if it is accepted, you are then committed to the purchase...
      by law.
      If anything, it is even stricter than France...
      there is no compromis, no deposit, no get out clause...
      pay up or be fined 20% of the purchase price that you offered... which goes straight to the vendor!!

  4. Fantastic news. Things really are going your way, Jean. :-)

    As for the blog link, blogs that are no longer being maintained can too easily be hacked and taken over by the baddies. It's not the first time I've heard of this happening. :-(

    1. Perpetua, the fact that things seem to be going my way makes me very nervous...........

  5. Thanks for alerting me to the nature of the blog hijack. My stomach isn't strong so I haven't checked it out but I have deleted it. I was worried because I sometimes access blogs in France, but via my work computer - we don't have room in the car to carry three laptops. It could be very troublesome for me to have accessed dodgy sites (even unknowingly) on my work equipment which is monitored for just this sort of thing.

    A colleague once sent an email to her daughter beginning "hi sweetie' and the monitoring software picked this up.

    Exciting times ahead, Jean. I've got my fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan.

  6. John & KathleenMonday, March 10, 2014

    Wow Jean .... moving at this speed, you'll meet yourself coming back ! Congratulations . Just think how hectic it would be if you weren't a '' lady of leisure'' !
    BTW . Check out Si Cranstoun on YouTube. He'll have you dancing around the kitchen.

  7. We can lend you a combination of 40 (toes and fingers) between us... and they come ready crossed!

  8. Cautiously, I offer you congratulations -- so far so good! I am so glad that so far things are going according to plan. I am looking forward to hearing all about the progress when you start in on France...

  9. It sounds like everything is falling nicely into place, hopefully it will remain that way. Yes I now the blog you mean but thankfully I have not got a like to it any more! Have a great week, Diane

    1. Diane, as each day goes by I don't know whether to feel more confident that we're still on track, or more nervous as there are several more hurdles where we could fall flat on our faces!
      I try to focus on the fact that our buyers really want our house as it's the only one of its type for sale in exactly the right location for them........we hope!!

  10. Thanks for advising me of it Jean. I deleted the blog after Boris passed away as frankly I didn't want the painful reminders. I did some research and blogger seems to indicate that they will never re use a blogger address.
    So goodness know how it's been hacked. I change my passwords frequently.
    As you say, surely there are bigger fish to fry than my modest little blog.
    Google is next to impossible to contact. I have complained and so far they have now added a warning page at the start... something I suppose.
    I've asked them to delete the offending blog and I live in hope.
    Meanwhile, for those of you who once followed me, I'm very sorry.

    1. Craig, it's the system that's at fault for not ensuring that perfectly nice blogs like yours can't be hijacked by other people.
      It could happen to any of us.

  11. Looks like everything is falling into place for you Jean. Hope everything continues to go well for you. Vx