11 November 2014


So the BT engineer finally came and seemed to know what he was doing.  He used his fancy equipment to work out that our line was totally dead and that the fault was a very short distance away, at a nearby junction box, only a few hundred metres from the house.  (635 metres to be precise!)  Of he trotted to see what was wrong and returned in a short time saying that the problem was a missing jumper.  This is something fairly crucial that had been removed in error or by accident when some other work was being carried out.  Without it we had no telephone line.  He replaced the jumper and hey presto, the phone and internet were working again.

The whole process took less than an hour once we had someone sensible to talk to.  I don’t know whether to be happy or cross, but at least normal service has been restored.  If BT could have sent this bloke to sort the job out straight away we could have been saved from a lot of angst and aggravation, not to mention inconvenience.


  1. Glad you are up and running, by the sound of it for the first time! We had a similar problem with the french livebox... someone had disconnected us in the exchange... We did get a new livebox out of it and it was fixed reasonably quickly for Orange!!

  2. Glad you got your woolies sorted out in time for Winter!!

    That poor engineer must have reported similar "mistakes" all the time...
    and they were probably filed in Cabinet No. 13....
    and the original error of the misplaced kangaroo...
    was most likely down to other engineers...
    being expected to cover too much ground in one day...
    or possibly doing that job near the end of a working day...
    been expected to cover too much ground in one day!!

  3. Seem to me tat you should be running BT. It would be much more efficient in your hands. Would be a bit of a bother, though, for you to be constantly driving in from France. I'd say BT has missed it's chance to be great!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  4. I so sympathize with you! Why is it that these companies always assume the fault lies with somewhere else than with them. The number of times I have had to jump through hoops to find the right someone... Glad you are up and running again!

  5. I do hope you 'follow-up' with a letter of praise for the individual. The engineer needs BT to know how he has rescued their reputation and caused you to be a happier customer!

    1. Their reputation is no better than before as far as I'm concerned and I can definitely not be described as a happy customer!

      If BT had sent an engineer to fix what was a simple problem at the outset a lot of time and aggravation would have been saved. Instead they prefer to spend their money on call centre staff whose whole aim seems to be to put off sending people out who know what they're doing for as long as possible. Not to mention the cost of all those pointless feedback surveys.

    2. Jean

      I always send a letter to the VP of Customer service ( or whatever title name they give themselves) as a customer and as a shareholder if I do invest in their business . I make sure to point out the waste ( both $$$ wise and in productivity) and how it is easy to lose their customer share.

  6. RiF...
    If Jean does 'follow-up' with a letter of praise for the individual....
    the poor sod will end up sacked for doing his job properly!!
    I type "sin"ically!!