24 March 2015


kitchen works01

The last two weeks have gone by in a blur of hectic activity.  I’ll try to get things in the right order and do an update.  This is a long post so please bear with me!

I was looking at the sunset in the picture above when news arrived of Barrie’s death.  It had been a warm and glorious day and we were in the process of moving out of the house ready for the builders to move in.  The weekend continued to be sunny and warm as we moved to take up temporary residence in our friends Tim and Gaynor’s house in the next village, something for which we will be forever grateful.

kitchen works01a

In fact it was so warm that a lizard appeared out of a crack in the front wall of our house.  Unfortunately it was not fast enough to escape the attention of our little Daisy.  You can see her here playing with its tail – isn’t it grotesque that the tail carries on wriggling when the rest of the lizard has run off elsewhere, presumably to start growing a new one.

kitchen works01c kitchen works01d

The builders arrived early the next Monday morning and we stopped by in the evening to see how they had got on.  They had made a good start.  The staircase had been removed and a lot of the floor was already dug up. We could see why the existing tiles were breaking up so easily.  They had been laid on a thin layer of concrete on top of a thin layer of sand on top of the earth, which is pretty much what we expected.

kitchen works01e

The builders had also made a start on raising the lintel on the doorway to the buanderie – the very low one that so many people bang their heads on!  With the staircase gone we had no access to upstairs and with the door to the downstairs loo now blocked by rubble you can see why we had to move out!

kitchen works4

By the end of the first week the whole floor had been dug out to a depth of about 20cm, a thick layer of insulation laid down, a waterproof membrane on top of that then steel reinforcing wire ready for the concrete.  The red thing sticking up in the middle is the electricity supply for the island unit.

We spent the early part of the week driving back and forth to Tours looking for a gas hob and electrical items, namely an oven and lights for the new kitchen.  We managed to buy some ceiling lights.  The Thursday was the day of Barrie’s funeral.  It was a glorious day, a solemn but joyful occasion – it was sad to say goodbye to a friend who will be well missed but the celebration of his life left a bitter sweet feeling of joy for having known him.

We checked the house on our way home and they had laid the concrete.  The house was then left for it to dry and the builders had their Friday off.  We also had a day off, went out for lunch and bought some wine.  On the Saturday we went back to England for a week in order to buy a cooker and do a few other errands.


We had intended to buy a hob and oven in France, thinking that ones with French fittings would be best.  We really liked the double oven we had in our old house in England, a large fan oven below and a small oven with the grill above.  Then we discovered that it is IMPOSSIBLE to buy such a thing in France!  Having ordered the hob housing unit to fit this style of double oven we had no choice but to order one from the UK.  Delivery charges were extortionate so we thought we might as well go and fetch one ourselves. 


Then we also discovered that the hob we like costs more than double from any French supplier than it does from John Lewis.  Having first checked that it could be adapted for use with propane gas we decided to fetch that at the same time as the oven.

girls day out girls day out2

Our week in England flew by. By the middle of the week we had our oven, hob, worktop lighting and a pile of plumbing bits and pieces safely bought and stowed in the car ready to be brought to France.  On the Thursday I had an unexpected treat.  My sister in law Kathy was going with some friends to the NEC to a sewing and craft exhibition and there was a spare place in the car.  I had a zillion and one things to do but the idea of a girls’ day out was too good to miss and I have to say I had a fantastic time.  For his day off Nick went fishing.


On the Friday there was much excitement due to the solar eclipse.  I had completely forgotten about it myself until it started to get dark about 9.30am!  Then I remembered and dashed out with my camera.

On Sunday we came back to France to take up residence again in Tim and Gaynor’s house and to see how the work had progressed in our absence.

Daisy on holiday2   Daisy on holiday5

Monday was a lovely day and we took some time off to recover from the previous day’s twelve hour drive.  We enjoyed some spring sunshine on our host’s sunny terrace and after two weeks of frantic activity we were able to chill out for a whole day.

kitchen works5

At teatime we took our little roadster for a spin in the sunshine and visited the house.  To our absolute delight we discovered that in our week of absence, the drive had, at last, been done!

kitchen works9b

Hooray, no more mud to do battle with when it rains!

kitchen works9a

By Monday evening the lintel was finished and the walls half finished.

kitchen works6

There is beautiful new stonework around the door way and a new bit of oak lintel which blends in perfectly with the old.

kitchen works7

The stone walls around the old stone sink were ready for the final finish.  We have anguished over what to do with the old stone sink.  Ideally we would have made a feature of it, revealing it in all its ancient glory and possibly making a display area above it.  We have seen this kind of thing in other old houses and they look really effective.  The stumbling block with ours is that the water supply has been brought into the house through the stone above the sink and the water meter is underneath it.  Making it into an attractive feature would involve moving the pipework and the water meter, which is entirely possible but a big and expensive job.  In the end we decided that the space was best used to house our (yet to be purchased) water softener. 

kitchen works9

The hole for the extractor fan above the new hob has been made in the thick back wall.

kitchen works9e kitchen works9f

This evening, all the stonework is cleaned and finished beautifully. 

kitchen works9g

The first few floor tiles have been laid.  Progress is good.

We’re crossing our fingers that the builders will be finished by the weekend and we can get our house back.  There will be a lot of cleaning up to do before we can move back in as this kind of work creates a lot of very gritty dust.  The builders have been very good at sweeping up as they go along, being respectful of our property and sheeting down as much as possible to minimise the travel of dust, so it’s not anywhere near as bad as we had expected.

In the meantime we have more fetching to do – plasterboard and electrical fittings for the other two walls.  There is also plenty of gardening to do – if you can call trying to transform something that looks like a battlefield into something that looks like lawn - gardening!


  1. WOW, Jean. This is all such an improvement, and as we always said it would be worth the pain. Of course, we aren't the ones having to live through it! Glad that the house has been a useful refuge for you.

    I can't wait to see the pics of the finished article, as after weeks of 'breaking down' you will now begin the task of 'building up' which is much more satisfying. The end is in sight, and no longer round the corner, which took a periscope and a lot of imagination to see.
    Your oven and hob look magnificent. You do such a lot of cooking and baking that the trip will have been worth it to get just what you want.

    The news about Barrie was very sad. Although we only met him a couple of times he was a gentleman. Good that you were able to join others at his funeral and pay your respects to one of the people who made your life in LGP more possible.

    My friends organised a visit to the sewing show, they say that it is a great event so pleased your journey back coincided with it. You cant beat a 'ladies day out'! ;o)

    That's all for now, from sunny Japan. Isn't this technology lark a great thing!

  2. Phwoarrr! (Wipes sweat from brow!)
    I agree with Gaynor... worth all the effort...
    and the cooker'n'hob look just the ticket!
    The drive looks much better...
    but don't go messing it up doing spins round the island...
    in the "recent aquis"... never heard of that make before?
    Looking at your floor... something, as expected, is familiar...
    but that large square tile is not... is it 60x60?
    See you soon...

  3. I'm amazed at how much has been done and with the better weather coming in, surely the timing can only get better (less delays). The drive looks super and will make such a difference. I'm also a fan of Neff and Bosch cooking appliances so good choice.
    I also like the new MX5 toy - perfect for those long French summers.

    1. Craig, the MX5 was an impulse buy. I have always liked the look of them and we just happened to spot one and thought "why not?" It's quite old but has plenty of oomph........a bit like us, I'd like to think!

  4. I'm so glad for you to have had so much accomplished, and done so well :) The drive looks fantastic!

  5. A different version of Opus Romana tile pattern with five sizes of tile instead of four? Swanky! Pauline

  6. What a wonderful sunset. Loved following your progress and look forward to seeing more as time goes by.

  7. Wow you really are moving forward at what appears to be a good speed. Well done Gaynor and Tim in coming to the rescue accommodation wise. Glad that you have an electrical connection for your island, so sorry we were not here when ours was put in and we did not think ahead! Keep up the good work Diane x

  8. loved sunset photo and house looks really great with new drive and tree pruned Kathy x