16 May 2015



The kitchen is coming along, very slowly.  The carpenter cut the worktops for us but we still have to round off the corners and fit them.  Now we have to locate the right tools for making nice corners and good joints. 

The tinfoil behind the gas hob is a temporary substitute for the splashback tiles that we have ordered.  Then there is the fiddly job of cutting and fitting the cornices and valances after the tiling is done.

We have gradually been gathering all our kitchen ware and crockery from boxes in various locations around the house and in the outbuildings and deciding where they should live in the new kitchen, filling the cupboards as much as is sensible bearing in mind that the worktops will have to come off again to do the corners and joints.  It will be great to have it all in the right place after what seems like months – in fact it is months!

Getting the place clean has been a rather tedious job.  The work on the floor and walls created a huge a mount of gritty dust which continues to fall from nowhere.  I can dust and hoover everything and what seems like minutes later everything is dusty again.  Sometimes I think that one day there will be nothing left of the house apart from what’s in the hoover!

The things stored in sealed plastic boxes have survived well, needing just a wipe before being put away.  Everything that was left in drawers or cupboards has a bloom of dust and has needed washing and drying thoroughly before putting away.  Thank goodness the dishwasher is back in action!

It’s a slow job and progress has been intermittent because other projects and crises have also required our attention – I will fill you in on those later.

Happily I now have somewhere where I can settle with my laptop and write at leisure instead of trying to remember where I last saw it, make a space big enough to put it, get it out, plug it in and fire it up to do something with it – only to have to put it all away again afterwards!

After being upside down in two countries for fifteen months I am now ready to see that light at the end of the tunnel!

Bon weekend !!


  1. I should think that you are pleased as anything by your new kitchen!

  2. It's looking lovely Jean! We too have green walls in the kitchen with cream cabinets - it's a lovely combination. I'm sure that you are ready for it to be complete.

  3. It's looking good. If you want to borrow my router and kitchen worktop cutting router guide which has 'some' curves on it you are welcome. BUT you will need some new cutters for the best cut. Something like these are what I use. http://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-kitchen-fitters-router-set-4-pieces/21039
    They need to be half inch dia shaft and long enough to go through the worktop thickness, I could not find any in France so imported them from the UK

  4. The handles look great! Everything does, but this is the first time I've seen the handles in place. ;)

  5. Glad the 'light' is getting closer...btw I have router cutters I think that you can use.

  6. Oh boy, I've been checking back daily, and it's exciting to see how nicely things are turning out!

  7. Good to hear that things are at last happening the way you hoped. Time seems to be never ending in France. Our verandah tiling was going to be started at the beginning of April, we are still waiting!!!! Take care Diane x

  8. Like Seine I too drop by and I am pleased to see you posting and with such good looking happy news.

  9. It is looking really good and you are on the 'last lap' and sounding much more positive.
    Love the title. See you soon...

    1. I love the title too....
      but how about an expansion....
      "Lights, Handles, Action.... NURSE, pass the router!!

  10. Beautiful! So glad you can at long last see that 'light at the end of the tunnel'!

  11. The kitchen is looking great. I sometimes wonder what the old inhabitants would think if they came back to see their old house as it is now. Maybe it is best not. Can you imagine the conversation/accusations? "And now the cabinets do not fall off the wall, there are no more mice droppings everywhere, the handle doesn't come away in your hand and as for the...." Yes maybe best not. :0) Looks great.