9 November 2015


When we first viewed the house in July last year, we loved the size of the living room, the height of the ceiling and the exposed beams.  We noticed straight away that some of the taped joints in the ceiling needed re-taping.  In France it is common to have the joints in sheets of plasterboard taped over and lightly skimmed with plaster as a finish on walls and between beams on the ceiling before painting.


This picture shows the joins in the ceiling and also the poor state of the fireplace.  Click to see in more detail.

After we moved in, more of the taping gradually started coming loose and looking a mess but we decided to ignore it until we were ready to decorate the room.  When we actually arrived at that point we had so many projects already on the go that we decided to get a quote from a professional plasterer rather than do it ourselves, as it can be a fiddly and time consuming job.  Not to mention our lack of skill in doing it properly and we wanted it to look right.

The plasterer came and looked and said yes, he could re-tape the joints but there wasn’t really much point because the ceiling wasn’t a ceiling, it was the floor of the bedroom above.  The wooden floor panels, probably chipboard, had simply been painted underneath and the joints taped over to give the appearance of a ceiling.  Walking on the floor above produced some flexing of the wood that would continue to cause any tape to come loose.

We were both amazed that this hadn’t dawned on us before, although it shouldn’t have been a surprise as in the other end of the house the “ceiling” is also just the underside of the floorboards of the upstairs rooms, painted.



So we decided to have a proper ceiling in the living room end of the house.  It took a team of three (including a young woman) two long days to fix rails to the beams, attach plasterboard to the rails, tape the joints and skim over.  We’re very pleased with the result.


All we have to do now is paint it!


It was this date, eight years ago, that we bought our house in the village.  Today has been mild and sunny, yesterday was very warm, reaching 23°C in the afternoon.  In 2007 it was perishing cold, barely getting above 5°C during the day and freezing at night.  We had a miserable time trying to keep warm, although our excitement helped us to survive it. 

It’s nice to have warm weather in November, although it doesn’t quite seem right somehow – but long may it last!


  1. Get Fred in to paint it...
    save yourselves the effort...
    but even just skimmed, it looks much nicer.

  2. Wow, you two are really giving this home the loving attention it needs. Everything you've been doing has been such nice quality. Great for you!

    That fireplace/woodburner/stove in the kitchen... is it an actual cooking oven on the right side, or ...? Very curious about that.

    1. Judy, it is indeed an oven, plus two hotplates on the top, like a min Aga or Rayburn. We will use it for cooking when the fire is lit to warm the kitchen.

  3. It looks superb! Who did your plastering? A very neat job indeed. P.

    1. Pauline, it was done by a local man from Paulmy and I would recommend him and his team to anyone.

  4. Looks good. Lots of projects to keep you busy