1 April 2016


I spotted this picture in my Picasa album recently. It's a view of the river that has gone forever. The trees nearest the river have been chopped down and the bank itself reshaped.
I like the old view of the river and feel sad that I'll never see it like this again.

Anyway, I'm in the UK helping my dad to get back to normal but my laptop is in France, due to the limited amount of stuff I wanted to carry with me. The journey back to Derbyshire involved a two hour drive to the airport and a one and a half hour flight, followed by three different buses to get home. Even so, I got back five hours sooner than by driving all the way, but I'm not sure which mode of transport I prefer. They both have their merits and are equally stressful for different reasons. The thought of lugging an extra bag containing my laptop on all those buses was just too much so I left it chez nous.

The point is, having only my mini iPad to play with, new blog posts are a pain to write. What with the tiny screen, the frustrations of predictive text and the sheer awkwardness of fiddling with photos and the annoying way that Blogger won't let me space things how I like, new posts will have to wait for me and my laptop to be reunited.
I'll be back soon, I hope.


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I love my tablet for certain things but posting is a real pain. For that reason I am seriously looking at one of those small computers with a full size keyboard and have let those that need to know what a great birthday present one would be!

  2. I've tried but only partially succeeded at composing blog posts on a tablet. No Photoshop is a big negative. And even with a Bluetooth keyboard it's not easy to add text. Too frustrating. Hope your dad makes good progress and you figure out an easy way to get back to France soon.

  3. I haven't yet tried to do a post on my new Samsung tablet, partly because all my photos are on my laptop, but must try soon. I can understand your frustration when technology doesn't work as we would like it to.