28 November 2010


The last rose of autumn.

In a couple of days' time we are transferring to a new internet provider using our new computer.

The existing computer chugs and whirrs, huffs and puffs, and frequently refuses to work, just freezing suddenly with no warning. This is annoying to say the least and no amount of dusting, nudging gently or tinkering-with seems to improve it. So it's days are numbered. In fact, only two to go.

The new one is bigger, faster, sexier and shinyer. Wish me luck !!

19 November 2010


(Image of Craig Revel Horwood courtesy of the world wide web.)

One of the projects currently taking up my time was the annual cake stall we hold at work for the charity BBC Children in Need.

The cake sale has become a popular event in the locality with family, friends and other helpers pitching in with cakes and volunteering to deliver them around the neighbourhood. It all requires a certain amount of time and organisation, getting the premises ready, the crockery down from the attic and washed, all at the same time as conducting business as usual. Then on top of that we all bake a number of cakes ourselves which involves extra time shopping and a late night before the big day getting them baked, packed and ready to take to work.

my vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes.

This year, disaster struck. I staggered to bed after my baking marathon at 11.30pm then awoke at 2.00 am with awful stomach ache. Food poisoning.
The culprit was probably not my baking, but the takeaway curry we had for dinner. This seemed like a good idea at the time. The oven was not available, being permanently full of cakes, and the kitchen looked like a war zone anyway. And we hadn't had a curry for a while, so why not?


But how could I be sure that it was not a dodgy egg and that some of my baking was not contaminated? There was absolutely no way we could risk poisoning the general public, even in the name of charity. So into the bin they all went. All my sparkly cupcakes now reside sadly in the dustbin, while I languish at home with a poorly tum, looking like death and my colleagues have one person less to cope with the cake stall at work.

my banana, date and honey loaf, and the hummingbird cake, ready to receive its cream cheese frosting and decoration.


It definitely would have been easier just to put fifty quid in the collection tin and a lot less soul-destroying than seeing all my work thrown away.

C'est la vie.

16 November 2010


Work is still progressing at home, along with other projects that are taking up my time. More about them later.

This chap overlooks the square at Ligeuil from the church roof. He looks as though he's just waiting for the right moment to jump.
I know just how he feels.

6 November 2010


I feel a bit like this scarecrow at the moment, waving my arms around in frantic activity but getting nowhere fast.
(Looking at all those beautiful flowers, it's hard to believe this photo was taken on Grande Rue on the 20th October.)

The decorating disaster that has caused us no end of aggravation since the beginning of September is now resolved and we have a beautifully repaired and restored wood floor in our UK house. All we have to do now is put all the furniture back, clean up and get on with our lives. We have been upside down for three months and it's good to be getting back to normal.

I still have lots to tell about our recent trip to Le Grand-Pressigny but it will have to wait a while.

I'll be rushing back to the blog as soon as I can. In the meantime, I will be keeping an eye on all my favourite blogs as usual.