9 April 2016



Now that Nick has found the alternative Live Writer – don’t ask me how he did it, I have no idea – I can forge ahead with a backlog of posts that were in the pipeline at the point where the old Live Writer would no longer publish to Blogger, or when I scurried back to the UK to look after my dad with only my tablet for company.

My dad is fine now, back up to where he was before he got shingles in January.  Well not entirely.  Let’s say there have been complications with a lasting effect that he is learning to live with.  But for 87 years old he’s in good shape.


This post hasn’t been in the pipeline for all that long, but I’m keen to get it posted because it includes a mystery. 

We bought the three items on the table at a brocante a couple of weeks ago.  The metal wine carrier will be used to carry a bottle of wine and a bottle of water to our picnic shelter when we start using it again……we’re waiting for the better weather, which is late this year.  Much better than having them wobble about on a tray as we step up and down over the decking and the uneven grass.

The long bread basket thing is, we think, a proving basket used to leave the dough to rise during bread making.  I have no idea why it should be so long but it’s not so much useful as decorative.  It now resides on display in our humongous bread oven.


The interesting piece is this metal bowl.  I looked at it on the stall and the lady said it was for serving dried fruits.  I can believe that, as it has sections just the right size for things like dried figs, prunes and other fruits. 


The curious thing is that I have never, ever seen one before and it doesn’t really look very French to me.  It’s quite heavy.  It looks like it should be made of tin or a similar cheap metal, but it’s too heavy for that.  I’m not sure that it’s silver or a mixture of silver and something else.  There are no markings on it suggesting silver although it does look like it would benefit from periodic cleaning with Brasso or Silvo.  It does feel heavy enough to be made of brass but it’s the wrong colour.


It has three nice legs which are firmly welded to the base, making it very sturdy and level.


It’s about 20cm dia. and the markings remind me of a wall plate I used to have that came from Morocco.  I bought it for the princely sum of 3€ and it looked great with little Easter eggs in it on the table.  A bargain but also a mystery.


Any ideas? 

Bon weekend !!

Live Writer restored at last

I hope…..


I have been struggling without Windows Live Writer since the beginning of the year.  The old Live Writer simply wouldn’t publish to Blogger so I was having to do a copy and paste job, which was long winded and fraught with all the whims of Blogger itself, which would randomly respace my pictures and so on.

Nick has found an alternative.  This is a test post to see if it works.  Fingers crossed……..

3 April 2016


Daisy has recently discovered the joys of climbing on the furniture, beams and curtain poles in the living room. 
I wonder what she was thinking as Nick took this photo. Suggestions welcome!

1 April 2016


I spotted this picture in my Picasa album recently. It's a view of the river that has gone forever. The trees nearest the river have been chopped down and the bank itself reshaped.
I like the old view of the river and feel sad that I'll never see it like this again.

Anyway, I'm in the UK helping my dad to get back to normal but my laptop is in France, due to the limited amount of stuff I wanted to carry with me. The journey back to Derbyshire involved a two hour drive to the airport and a one and a half hour flight, followed by three different buses to get home. Even so, I got back five hours sooner than by driving all the way, but I'm not sure which mode of transport I prefer. They both have their merits and are equally stressful for different reasons. The thought of lugging an extra bag containing my laptop on all those buses was just too much so I left it chez nous.

The point is, having only my mini iPad to play with, new blog posts are a pain to write. What with the tiny screen, the frustrations of predictive text and the sheer awkwardness of fiddling with photos and the annoying way that Blogger won't let me space things how I like, new posts will have to wait for me and my laptop to be reunited.
I'll be back soon, I hope.