26 February 2016


movie night2

We rarely go to the cinema any more, for a number of reasons.  It’s expensive, our local cinema in Derbyshire is charmless and grubby, getting there is hard work (fighting our way through teatime traffic and queuing for the car park) and we find it increasingly irritating to have to sit amongst giggling girls, popcorn munching boys and mobile phone junkies who think it’s ok not to turn them off in the cinema.

Consequently we only ever see films on DVD these days.  It suits us to be able to sit on our own sofa, lights turned low, wine glasses filled and being able to pause the film and not miss anything if we need to use the little room or let the dog out.

movie night1

We rarely buy DVD’s when they first come out.  Films are just not that important to us.  So we tend to browse the cheaper shelves in the supermarket, often spending only £5 on a DVD, £10 being our maximum limit per film.  This makes it a bit of a lottery.  By the time the films are cheap enough for us they have either been out for years or were not very popular in the first place.

Take for example, the first two above.  “Cake” is about a woman who is recovering from a serious car crash, not that you find this out until half way through the film.  It was dreadful but not as dreadful as the other one, “The Hours”.  I remember a fuss being made about Nicole Kidman getting an artificial nose in order to look more like the character she portrayed, Virginia Woolf.  It’s hard to say what the plot is like as we stopped the film after about twenty minutes, thinking life was too short to suffer all of it.  Even knowing that Meryl Streep was in the film couldn't redeem it.  Both of these films are destined for the charity shop.

It’s difficult to say what our taste is in films.  Varied really. We like a good tale, good music, a good laugh or something very moving.  For myself I like some thrillers but can’t stand too much gore, suspense, cruelty or bad language.  Nick can take more of all of that than I can.  I took our three film set of the Dragon Tattoo trilogy to the charity shop after only seeing the first one.  I hated it and it gave me nightmares for weeks.  I admit I’m a bit of a wuss – I haven’t actually met anyone else who had to hide behind the sofa as a child when “Mr Pastry” was on the TV.

I’m especially not good with films about animals.  Any amount of cruelty or sadness will have me in tears and give me bad dreams for days.  I could never watch “War Horse” for that reason. 

Film number three above was excellent.  I don't remember the film coming out but I vaguely remembered something about Alan Turing when I picked up the DVD and looked at it in Sainsbury’s.  As the film got going the story came back to me.  He was the person who broke the Enigma code during World War Two and contributed hugely to the defeat of Germany and bringing the war to an end sooner than it might otherwise have happened.  I also remembered some of the circumstances around his personal life and these were dealt with very well in the film.  I don’t remember it being said anywhere but from the film I would guess he was slightly autistic.  Well worth the money and highly recommended.