24 March 2014


While stocking up at Intermarché for a week chez nous, I spotted this on the supermarket shelves.

loopaperBlack toilet paper.

Our recent spell of house-hunting has proved fascinating.  Black bathrooms are very much the latest thing.  Now you can complete the look with loo paper to match.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but somehow I am!

10 March 2014


I used to follow a really nice blog about a dog.

An old English sheepdog who lived in Scotland.  Some of you may know the blog I mean.  After the dog died his owners deleted the blog.

Yesterday evening I was doing a bit of lazy blogging and noticed that the link to the old dog blog was still there on a friend’s blog.  I no longer have it on my list of blogs so I clicked just out of curiosity.  (I think that in the back of my mind I was wondering if they had got themselves another dog.)

The link for this blog now takes you to the kind of website that I personally would never want to visit. 

It looks like some devious and unpleasant people have used the old dog blog address to peddle their garbage, maybe in the hope of picking up accidental traffic (although that couldn’t amount to much surely) or maybe as the only way they can get their material out there.  What do I know.  I don’t usually look at stuff like this so I don’t know how devious people have to be.

Anyway, if you used to follow a really nice blog about an old English sheepdog who lived in Scotland with his owners, you might want to check if it’s still on your blog roll or in your profile.  I hope you have a strong stomach.

Periodically I tidy up my blog by deleting any links to old or deleted blogs.  Now I’m glad I did !!


On the home front, we are very busy and somewhat bemused.  Totally flummoxed and in headless chicken mode.

In the space of four days we have sold our house and bought another one in the UK.  We found the perfect small house to keep here and, even more fortunately, it’s currently empty.  It’s also been recently renovated and we will be the first to enjoy the new plumbing, electrics, carpets and decorating. 

That will make life so much easier if we can move the stuff we want to keep in the UK straight into a house rather than having to do a double shuffle by putting stuff into storage intended for two different destinations.

Tidying up has therefore paid off on two counts.  My blog is (I hope) porn free and the house is sold.

I have however run out of fingers and toes to keep crossed !!

Have a great week !!

6 March 2014


Incredible as it seems, we appear to have sold the house only two days after it went on the market!

I was certainly hoping for a quick sale, to get it over with before I lost my nerve, but I did expect it to take a few months, not just a few days!

The agent had had an enquiry from a couple looking for a house in our area and he told them ours was coming up for sale.  As soon as they had seen the photos they arranged to come and have a look.  They obviously loved it but had offers on their own house which needed to be sorted out.

Over the weekend we showed three other couples round the house, two of which were obviously the “just looking” type and one who actually needed somewhere to live as they had sold theirs.  I was beginning to find the task of keeping the place immaculately tidy a bit of a chore already when the first couple came back for a second viewing and that was it !!

The house is perfect for them and it was the lucky combination of exactly the right house being for sale at the right time. Of course it could all go horribly wrong if their buyer drops out for some reason so I'm not counting my chickens just yet.

The curious thing is that my emotional attachment to this house, where I have lived for twenty nine years, seems to have vanished. We were both feeling nervous about giving it up, like finally throwing out a comfy pair of old shoes, but now we can't wait to pack up and move on.

Things are going to be hectic so I may not have time to update the blog regularly for a while.  I will be keeping up with my blog reading though so you will hear from me one way or another!