8 October 2009


We had owned the house for quite some time when Nick decided he couldn't stand the lights in the kitchen any longer.
The switches dangled in mid-air on the end of the trunking and were fastened to a cup hook on the wall.
The light bulb dangled from another cup hook in the ceiling.

It's funny but after we had been there for a while we had stopped noticing them but the time had come to do something about it.

It involved doing a bit of this.

And the end result was this !!

This had been kind of cute, though. I rather missed it for the first day or two!


  1. Looks like typical French electrical arrangements!

  2. Jean and Nick, Have a lovely time and a kind thought for your readers when you're enjoying a refreshing glass of Loire wine with local friends;) x Martine

  3. Elizabeth - typically French is what we thought, too. Nothing in the house was finished.

    Martine - we will drink to your health every day, thank you. !!

    Nadege - Oh dear indeed. The lights were like that when we bought the house and we were in danger of not noticing them any more. Only the stunned looks on the faces of visitors reminded us that it was time something was done about it. !!

  4. Glad to see that good old Heath Robinson is alive and well in France!

  5. Mad - not just alive, but everywhere you look !!

  6. Have a good week Jean and say hello to LGP for me ...


  7. This reminded me of my DIY YEARS, not just mement...and there's more to come.
    I'll try and dig out a photo of our electrics in France...nightmare!!