10 March 2010


When we arrived in Le Grand-Pressigny last August for two weeks' holiday, we were really ready for some rest and relaxation. We were determined to take it easy and not try to cram too much in. 

On arrival at the house we found a note left on the table by Nicole said "Comice, Montresor, parade 3pm". That was it, all resolutions went out of the window and off we dashed.  So much for taking it easy. By the time we got there the afternoon had turned very sunny warm and we were definitely overdressed in our thick jeans and t-shirts. We were there in good time to see the parade and there was already a good crowd of people.

The Comice Agricole is a sort of fete that celebrates the local agricultural community. There are usually stalls selling food, crafts and local produce, a display of farm animals and of course, the parade. Last year it was in Descartes and the weather was so hot that we got to see the stalls and chickens but chickened out of watching the parade. There are some photos of it here. This year we did the opposite. We saw the parade but, still tired from our marathon of a journey the day before, went home after that to get into cooler and lighter clothes and put our feet up.


At the front of the parade was a band.

Then came the floats. This one was pulled by a rather fine ox.
Lulu barked at it.  I expect it was really scared !!

Then came the tractors pulling the other floats. There is usually one from each village that takes part in the Comice. There are, I believe, 12 villages that take part and the event moves around from one to another with each year. I noticed that for some reason there was no float from Le Grand-Pressigny this year.


I wonder how the rufty-tufty farmers felt, driving along in floats decorated with flowers and suchlike.

All the children taking part seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

These ladies were having a good time, too. I bet they were hot in those costumes.
I had seen this jumper before, on the same gentleman, back in July!


Amélie and Isabella were there with their parents. They looked very chic in their new outfits, recently acquired on a trip to England.

This canine member of the crowd was really well behaved.
We suggested to Lulu that she should watch carefully to see how it's done!


Montresor is such a lovely place. We never tire of going there.


  1. I just love the parades and celebrations in France, they are such great fun. This looks like no exeption to the rule. Diane

  2. Diane - there is so much going on each weekend throughout the summer. It's all great fun, mostly completely for free and really sad that we can't do it all.

    Year by year and bit by bit we hope to catch everything as it comes around.

  3. Montesor is one of those places that feel comfortable. I remember Sue and I sitting in the cafe across from the Chateau and watching two huge trucks comin in opposite directions - one had to reverse back to allow the other pass by. No fuss, the drivers did what they needed to do and then went on their way without a cross word.

  4. Looks like a fascinating time, and place.

  5. Looove the new lay-out and look of your blog! Looks really fabulous.

  6. FITW - we had a great time.

    Leon - I know what you mean.

    Rob-bear - there are things like this going on all the time, through the summer.

    Martine - thank you!

  7. I like the new layout too. It's really crisp and clearer for failing eyes! I can't find the Derbyshire heritage blog or Lulu's blog though....

  8. Gaynor - thanks! It was the larger print and bigger photos that appealed to me!

    I had deleted the links to the other blogs but now I have put them back, right at the bottom.

  9. Found them - thank you!