8 June 2011



We arrived in France the weekend of the Festival des Roses at Chédigny.


It’s a pretty and picturesque village and all the houses seemed to have roses climbing all over them.


Of course, the roses are there for weeks, not just for the festival.  But for one weekend there are craft stalls, food stalls, musicians, artists and people selling…….roses.


Also hydrangeas, some of which were just as beautiful as the roses.






It was a lovely warm and sunny afternoon.  We had spent the morning shopping as we were expecting visitors – they should have arrived by now but were a day late.  We had intended to take them with us to the Festival des Roses but they missed it.  Quel dommage !!

The flowers were beautiful and the air was filled with fragrance, music and happy voices.  It was a wonderful way to start our holiday.


  1. Gorgeous photos as always, Jean. Hope we get some of the same weather when we head off to Normandy for the summer next week.

  2. Perpetua - for the whole summer? Lucky you !! I hope the weather stays good for you.

  3. Thanks, Jean. One of the many advantages of being a retired old fogey :-) This will be our fifth summer and I'm looking forward to it as much as the first.

  4. The roses look beautiful. Just last night on Des Racines et Des Ailes they had a segment about roses.

  5. Jean that looks so beautiful, I love the white roses over the house. Looks like a good day out. Diane

  6. Oh they look lovely and I love the pictures of the people too, particularly the old dear with the contraction on top of what looks like a pram.

  7. We didn't go -- our roses were so far advanced that we decided to visit earlier inthe month and had a lovely wander through the village. Shame to miss the 'ambiance' of the festival but the roses were gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I think Chedigny is one of the most beautiful little villages in that area because of the flowers along the streets. The village takes care of all the public plantings, unless the owner wants to do it. The town has a blues festival too. Any more photos you can show us?

  9. Walt - they smelled gorgeous, too.

    Diane - the yellow ones were my favourites - oh and the pink ones, peachy ones and some lovely purple ones.......

    Phil - the old dear was a bloke in costume, turning the handle to make a tune.

    Antoinette - we also visited after the festival last year and it was possibly even prettier without the hordes of visitors.

    Carolyn - I'll see what I can do !!

  10. Wonderful. Just wonderful!

    And how did Lulu feel about the event?

  11. Lovely photos Jean. I ca almost smell them! I'm with Diane - I loved the white ones in your photo.

  12. Chedigny is a very pretty example of real France. I had no idea there was a rose festival and would love to go next year.