5 November 2011


I never tire of the view towards the château from the village square.

a quiet evening

When we were chez nous in October I was sitting with the customary apéro outside the PreHisto and was lazily fiddling with my camera. I found a couple of settings on it that I had never noticed before.

sqare 1

This looks like it might have been taken in the early days of photography. Apart from the stylish metal chairs, that is.

sqare 2

I took the same picture again and it could have been in the 1950’s, even with the metal chairs.

Nice, but I think I’ll stick to the colour settings. Mind you, at least I didn’t have to post off the film, and wait a week for the pictures to come back before I could make my mind up !!


  1. Having to get photos printed used to cost a fortune and they still charged you even for the ones which were useless. Thank goodness for digital!! Interesting photos though. Diane

  2. Like the effects. Best thing ever digital--you can photograph heaps and just keep those which have 'worked'. Can still remember the disappointment when photos came back developed and some were no good.

  3. Your banner pic is fantastic.

    As a scientist I am used to experimenting and like the look of yours!

    We have undeveloped rolls of film lurking in the backs of cupboards, so completely agree with the comments re advantages of digital photography .....

  4. Very "noyce" shots - must go play with the camera now.
    I'm inspired.

  5. I like them all. Your banner photo is brilliant!
    Oh, how we were ripped off!

  6. My smart phone, amazingly to me, has all these settings. But I prefer always having the color original available and then doing what I want with it in Photoshop. (I love the sepia version of your photo.)

  7. The sepia one felt very 1940s.