1 November 2012



I took this picture of hollyhocks in Le Grand-Pressigny on 22nd October.

Although the weather was not very good when we were there, it was fairly mild and it was good to see a little bit of summer hanging on.  Nearly two weeks later, I wonder if they’re still there.


  1. Very pwobbly knot... we had three consecutive sets of minus two Centipede last week... before this week's wet! Everything here is very limp and dismal.

  2. Here in Melbourne, summer is making a struggling return.
    Wed at 6AM it was 14C and this morning below 10C. Bit up and down.
    Wed had a max in the 30s and today 16C.

  3. The frost a couple of days ago hit our garden quite hard but the cosmos seem to have enjoyed it!! Have a good weekend Diane

  4. They may just be, Jean. Up here in the far north our hollyhocks are also just about hanging on, despite the rain and frost.

  5. We seem to be having "English weather" if I understand the term correctly. Rain, not to cold, but none too warm, either. The first part of the week was nice and sunny, though!

  6. We still have hollyhocks in bloom in our garden in Scotland in early November Jean! I think I'll need to take the shears to them next week though.

  7. I love hollyhocks. We tried growing them in Connecticut. They grew well and then the woodchucks would break the stems to mark their territory... always just before they bloomed.

    The ones pictured here are perfect. Glad you got to see them despite the dreary weather.