18 March 2013


Winter, that is.


A château in the Loire Valley last summer.  And sunshine.

We have freezing fog in Derbyshire this morning.

So here we are, it’s the 18th March, the equinox is just around the corner, a quarter of the year is nearly gone and I can barely count on two hands the number of sunny days we have had so far this year.

Actually, we have probably had more than that but when I am at work it could be doing anything outside.  It’s usually sunny when I’m at work and horrible on my days off.  That has been the pattern so far this year and this is one of the main reasons why I am looking forward so much to retiring……….I just need some sunshine !!  Or at least not to have to go to work on the rare occasions when the sun is shining.

The forecast for the next few days is grim.  Very cold and more of the dreaded white stuff.  Nick is currently in India where it is 38°C and sunny (of course, what else would it be).

My theory is that this is why time flies.  During the first two months of the year I feel as if my life is on hold, just enduring the dark nights and the bad weather.  March is nearly always a huge disappointment and life remains on hold until Easter.

Still, I have only 11 days before our next trip to France and only 11 weeks left to work.  If you count the holidays and the fact that I only work three days per week (the sunny ones), that’s only 24 more days to be spent at work.  23½ by tomorrow lunchtime.  Not that I’m counting !!

Have a good week !!


  1. Just heard on the news that Leeds-Bradford has closed because of snow and that Northen UK is in for around eight inches of the stuff!!
    We have very strong winds, scudding clouds, flashes of sunshine... driving averses... bitter in the wind... and a Long-Eared Owl hunkered into the blackthorn on the far side of the meadow... it doesn't like the wind either... all fluffed up!!
    Are you sure you want to be here?
    Yup!... is the obvious answer to that rhetorical question... there is always the fire in the Prehisto to cuddle up to!!

  2. Aha 11 days before the next trip, I just asked you that in my reply on my blog. It is raining cats and dogs here at present and we are sick of the rain but I guess it is one better than snow. I will drop you an email with some news. Take care Diane

  3. As much as I do enjoy my work, I am envious of your retirement.
    We just spent a week in Launceston, Tasmania as a place to consider in retirement.
    I hope you 11 weeks goes swiftly. Our son in London tells us on Skype of London weather - Brrrrrrrrr

  4. I know exactly how you feel; about the weather, I mean. But I do have a difficult time imagining what only 24 more days at work can feel like, having at least another 4 years to go ... I will be old and completely worn out by then ;-) Martine

  5. Not for a while yet, according to the BBC's dire-sounding monthly weather outlook published today. Sigh..... Still, you have your trip to France to look forward to, though I wouldn't bank on the weather even there at the moment. :-( Bur retirement is another thing and it will be here before you know it.

  6. Ditto!

    You need a countdown calendar so that everytime you cross off a day you'll be one step closer to the first bit of your dream.

  7. We had a very heavy but thankfully brief shower of ice pellets this afternoon. A classic giboulée. Here's hoping for a mild sunny April (the cruelest month!).

  8. Counting the hours Jean. I'd say that you are very ready for retirement! I'm ready for spring too!