1 March 2015


Lulu meets Daisy

It was a big year for all of us last year.  We moved house in England and in France and Lulu coped with it all really well.  She had hardly settled in at our new French house when a small interloper arrived.  Daisy the kitten.

Lulu meets Daisy4 Lulu meets Daisy5 Lulu meets Daisy6

I have had a cat and a dog in the same household before (many decades ago) but the cat was there first and they got on well together.  Friends who have introduced a cat to a house where the dog lived there first have not fared so well and they don’t get on at all.

Consequently I was nervous about bringing a kitten into Lulu’s new home, but wondered if the fact that she had not yet firmly established her territory might make things easier.  In any case, the cat was needed to deal with the huge population of mice so we had no choice.

Lulu meets Daisy8

It turned out to be a fairly painless process in the end.  We had to put a bit of time and effort into it but it worked out fine. 

Lulu meets Daisy9f


  1. So glad that they have settled down well together. Not always easy. Take care and have a good day Diane

  2. Lulu cannot take her eyes off the little interloper in the early photos, but by the last photo they've developed a rapport and agreed to divvy up the couch between them. Sorry, no room for you and Nick!

  3. Well, that's settled. And everyone is doing well. But imagine: you're in France and keeping a cat house.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  4. Would that such happy co-existance were in place in Saint-Aignan, eh? :) Happy to see your two loved ones happy together :)

  5. They look like they are going to get along well. Looking forward to kitchen pictures!

  6. A bit of a relief I would imagine. Just goes to show that Lulu has a lovely accepting personality. Happy that it worked out well.

  7. I agree with Craig. Lulu has a wonderful demeanor, she's a real lady.
    Those photos are priceless. Looking forward to reading Lulu's blog.

  8. What I wouldn't give for a scene like your last photo in our house! But alas, Callie and Bert cannot be in the same room. :(

  9. glad to read a happy ending, love the pictures.