19 May 2016


cake stand4

So where did the month of April go?  Not to mention more than half of May?  With the spring equinox a distant memory and the summer solstice only a few weeks away the year is passing at an alarming rate.  We have been very busy, crossing the channel and back again, dealing with workmen (roofers), mending things (as always, we are tired of mending things now), reorganising the upstairs to accommodate new furniture and a guest, getting the garden in shape for the summer and, of course, living – the normal day to day stuff that you have to do regardless of whatever else is also going on as well.

More about all that later but just for now I couldn’t resist telling the tale of the two cake stands.

When we first looked at the little house at the foot of the château in Le Grand-Pressigny, the agent said that he thought the owner would want to leave all the contents.  We said that we sincerely hoped not as we wouldn’t want any of it – but I did rather like the cake stand that was on the table.

When we looked at the little house for the second time, just three days later, the agent offered me the cake stand.  I declined, as it wasn’t his to give away and taking it would have felt like stealing.  We made an offer on the house and the process of buying was put in motion.

cake stand5

When we finally got the keys to the house it was completely empty,thankfully.  whilst some of the furniture and contents might have come in handy we would have had to spend a great deal of time getting rid of most of it, and we wouldn’t have known where to start.  Everything was gone, including light fittings, shower curtain, in fact everything that could be removed without trashing the house.  Including the cake stand.

We thought that the old lady had probably got a firm of house clearance people in to get it all out and it occurred to me that one day some of it might turn up at a local brocante or vide-grenier, possibly even the cake stand.

cake stand6

May is the first big month for such events and there are several every weekend.  My brother had just arrived for his holiday with us on Saturday so on Sunday we set off to do a tour of some of the brocantes.  First call was to the one in Loches.

cake stand7

It was a nice one, not too big but big enough to be worth going.  Plenty of quality items for sale at affordable prices, not just expensive dealer stuff or useless household junk.  With the sun shining and the bars and cafés open, we were having a nice time.

Then I saw it.  The cake stand.

cake stand2

I recognised it immediately and swooped.  I was pretty sure it was the same one and when back home I looked through the old photo files that we took when house hunting to be sure I was right – and I was.  It had only taken me nine years to find it!

Of course it might not be precisely the one from our house, there must have been others around although I have never seen any.  Mind you, the day after my amazing find a friend showed me her cake plate – an identical top without a foot so a plate not a stand – and hers came from M&S many years ago!


  1. Good to hear from you, summer will be here before we know it. I have bought and sold a few houses over the decades, and I am always amazed at what people leave behind.

  2. What a great find - I had the same experience with a bike that I lost contact with which I'd forgotten was in the hands of a friend. He returned it to me 35 years later.