6 April 2020


A neighbour that we only bump into a few times a year stopped for a few words from across the road.  We were both out walking our dogs for the permitted one hour per day.  Luckily because there are two of us and one dog he gets two walks a day.  She has two dogs and has to walk them both together for just one walk a day.

She asked if we were marooned here in the UK instead of going to France and did we miss it.
I said that the thing I miss most at this time of year is the tulips.
Tulips are my favourite flower and we have loads planted in our French garden.  Here in the UK we have just a few tulips in pots.  Why would we plant tulips here when we're not usually here ourselves to see them?  These pictures were taken chez nous on this day last year and all our tulips were blooming fabulously.  The daffodils had already finished.  Here we still have the daffodils.  At least we have those.
This will be the first Easter that we have not spent in France since 1995.  That's 25 years.  Still, if we keep our heads down and stay indoors we might make it to France later in the year.


  1. I tell myself there will be other tulips and other springs.